German devils never rest

The last two weeks were interesting. This is a mini dairy. It was as during my school time the full hate of the nazi race.


But it is not all nazis it is Deutschland ueber alles everyday by all kind of people. They believe they are the best and they are always right.



It started with my new mobile phone after only 2 weeks it was stolen in an office building in Edenkoben Palatine Germany. There were three suspects and two bosses to talk to. Boss number one refused any cooperation his company a cleaning company. Boss number two also refused any cooperation a wine trader.


So I must go to the police and file  a claim for civil damage. Time consuming. Of course I offered  everybody to return the phone anonymously so there would no criminal charge. But the German Deutschland ueber alles race does not even dream to return the confiscated items. Why  ? They stole in Poland Russia France in WWII so they got away with it did not return the gold to Greece why should they behave differently now and and in this case ?



Same week I wrote on the university campus computer in Landau Pfalz Germany Palatine. Then forgot the USB stick. I was sitting two hours there and in front of me there was another computer and somebody was sitting there as well watching me directly. Next day when I noticed I forgot the USB stick I asked in the library and then they sent me to the student association for lost items. And to my surprise the student sitting there ( see picture below the third one girl from the left in the red shirt )  was sitting in the student assoc. office. Now comes the surprise she pretented not to know me at all and after I left I returned and told her that it seems very very strange that she did not remember me. And of course the Herrenvolk girl insisted that she was very busy and she did not remember me. The other students working in the student office of course did not dare to say anything because she was probably the feminist queen in the university and probably some kind of influential person in the student association. But lets be clear it is likely she actually saw the forgotten USB stick in the computer right in front of her and she probably pretented not to know me in the student association office because of that theft.

Members of the Landau university student association called AstA.

The one with the red shirt saw and maybe stole my USB stick


The same week I was in a industrial area next to a shop where i bought several items in big boxes. and I wanted to store a few boxes there in one of many small establishments.  And of course the German does not help you and there no way to store anything anywhere even if you want to pay.



Same week in Karlsruhe where the nazi federal German court is. I entered a supermarket in an area where a lot of students live. Immediately after I entered a student was almost running over me with his big backback. I did not say anything. My first thought was the NAZI Herrenvolk city of Karlsruhe with its federal court that still applies nazi laws signed by Adolf Hitler simply produces such impolite students. When I reached the cash counter the same student pushed me aside again with his big backback. And this time I asked him to behave. And guess what the Herrenvolk student started to lecture me and refused to even apologize. As ususal German cowards often killed Poles and Russians in WWII in groups and so his student friends immediately asked joined him. So that is their culture. The coward gropu dynamics Herrenvolk. Disgusting.



Same week again Karlsruhe. I do not eat in Mc Donalds after I visitied the first one in Moscow after the end of communism in 1994  several times I hardly made it there in any country. So in August 2017 this was one of those rare occasions. In the morning I was about the only one there and there were 4 cash points. Next to one of the cash points there was the ad for small breakfast for 3, 29 Euro. But the only employee a younger women was at the other cash point.  After I ordered that kind of breakfast she told me that this does not exist. So I said sorry I just saw your ad. Her face became unfriendly and she continued to lecture me a person much older than her. So she went to the other cash point with the ad and pushed me to pay right away and she became really really unfriendly.

Of course I did not have breakfast

a) in McDonalds as during the last 10 or 20 years,

b) I did not have breakfast in the city of Karlsruhe with the federal court that still applies nazi laws signed by Adolf Hitler.

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