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There is no law in Bavaria and since the US Army left afer reunification there is even less of any law.

Those US soldiers and officers who participated in the Second World War and continued to stay in Bavaria after the War as part of the US Army contributed to the establishment of law and order under military rule.

However, those Nazi judges and officials who escaped an official declaration of being part of the Nazi Regime and administration quickly got back into the government and the court system. This happened from the year 1950 onwards.

Until the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of the First World World War in this year 2014 Bavaria is ruled by Nazi judges their mental compatriots and by Nazi laws and similar so called modern Bavarian procedures.


What the US Army in Bavaria and the English and French in other German provinces tried to establish after the war in the year 1945 was quickly and secretly abondonded. And the state of affairs in the court system today has NOTHING to do with what Western democracies stand for.


This web site will highlight in English and German the tricks and current laws and procedures that are in  fact real Nazi laws and procedures, even though this terminology is carefully avoided by the Bavarian governemnet, courts and administration.

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How Nazi Bavaria rules Germany and the EU