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Rushed evacuation of US nukes from Incirlik

Rushed evacuation of US nukes from Incirlik
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report August 18, 2016, 4:43 PM (IDT)

In an earthshaking Middle East development, the United States has begun secretly evacuating the tactical nuclear weapons it had stockpiled at the southern Turkish air base of Incirlik and is transporting them to US bases in Romania.
The Obama administration has thus taken another step towards folding its tents in the Middle East.
In contrast, Moscow is rapidly expanding its air force footprint in the region with a new base in Iran following its facility in Syria. Advanced bombers and fighters are stepping up operations in both countries, while Russian warships carrying Kalibr cruise missiles gather in the Mediterranean and Caspian Seas.
debkafile’s military and intelligence sources report that Washington decided to remove the nuclear arsenal to safety after talks between American and Turkish talks on release 1,500 US airmen serving at the base from the siege clamped down a month ago broke down. The airmen were running the US air campaign against ISIS in in Syria just 112km away.
The talks ground to a halt over Turkish insistence on assuming control of the nuclear arsenal and America’s rejection of this demand.
The 50-70 B61 tactical gravity nuclear bombs were stored in underground bunkers close to the US bombers’ air strips. Although this was not fully admitted by Washington, the US air and ground crews were held intermittently in lockdown since the President Tayyip Erdogan suppressed a military coup against him a month ago.
The deteriorations of relations between Ankara and Washington contrasted strongly with the Turkish-
Russian rapprochement, which Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin sealed in St. Petersburg on Aug.8. Since then, there have been calls for the Russian Air Force to be allowed to displace the US warplanes at Incirlik. This process has now begun.

THe crime of a Swiss tennis player female.

Olympics Tennis its a nightmare and a cruelty show.


THe crime of a Swiss tennis player female.

A Czech tennis player got the ball  right into her eye from as close from the net. Broken bones but not reaction whatsoever no ban no excuse no compensation no annulation of apoint NOTHING.

THIS IS THE nice world we all live in.



Andrea Hlavackova hits out at Martina Hingis over headshot at Rio Olympics

by: Jonathan Scott August 14, 2016

Down match point, the Swiss went right at the Czech in the doubles semis. (AP)

Having played a lot of doubles over the years, I’ve taken shots to almost every part of my body. (I think that forehand to the belly button in high school probably hurt most.) And I’ve long said, “All is fair in doubles.”

That statement was put to the test on Saturday at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the women’s doubles semifinal, Switzerland’s Martina Hingis—down match point—planted a forehand volley in the face of opponent the Czech Republic’s Andrea Hlavackova.

The shot broke Hlavackova’s orbital bone, sending her to the hospital for a few hours the night before her impending bronze-medal match alongside stalwart partner Lucie Hradecka. (They would go on to lose that match to fellow Czechs Lucie Safarova and Barbora Strycova.)

“It happens,” said Hlavackova in response to whether Hingis’ shot was a fair and sporting play. She later offered, “She’s one of the greatest who knows where to put the ball. When I saw the video and I saw the space which was around me, I have to admit that she could have put it away.”

Hlavackova added: “She was more worried about not getting a medical timeout for me than about my eye.”

After the incident, Hradecka was dealing with her own issue, not falling asleep until 3 a.m. after separate mixed doubles play that lasted past 1 a.m.

Hingis, an expert doubles player who last competed in the Olympics a full 20 years ago, went to lose the gold-medal match with partner Timea Bacsinszky to Russia’s Elena Vesnina and Ekaterina Makarova in straight sets. Even so, the Swiss misses seized on their opportunity to take their country’s first medals in women’s tennis.

That’s tennis at its best—bruised pride and fractured bones and all.

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The title is not right. How did exactly Hlavackova hit back at Hingis? She did not say anything bad about Hingis. And nowhere I saw Higis apologize to her for breaking her bone or at least show sympathy.

I don’t think Hingis hit her in the face on purpose. Maybe she was going for her feet but still the least she could do was to show some sympathy.


Her partner hit the passing shot too high and the net player got nailed. That’s just part of the game and the mistake is not by Hingis. She was moving forward and didn’t have her feet planted and there was no way for her to evaluate where the other girl was standing. It would have been different if it was a sitter overhead and there were a lot of options.



The same Hingis haters are here who appear on the Tennis Forum website.


Martina makes millions – you losers get squat.


End of Story.


these things happen – I expect Hingis was just hitting the ball, not particularly trying to hit her opponent – anyone who has played tennis knows how this happens.. not everything is intentionl


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Wasn’t there a similar shot from Hingis in the finals?  I remember Stubbs defending it.


@jhinshaw They were showing the replay of the MP in their SF match, where the hit happened. Stubbs said you can’t worry about the person on the other side of the net when you’re trying to hit a volley or smash. Especially, MP down. 1-all, Martina probably does try to be safe to avoid hitting Andrea, even if it means missing. But can’t do it at MP down. Can’t worry about the other opponent, and have to focus on winning the point.


Slow down girls!! I like you both, re-think this without the emotion of the injury.  First of all I think this ball was going out, so you should be paying attention.  Secondly, it’s standard practice to hit at the feet of the net person.  I think Hingis missed that shot and it was sailing long.  Thirdly when the net person sees the opponent going for the smash it’s fairly standard to turn round and point one’s back so if there is a hit its not on a sensitive area.  By not turning one’s back you are taking the risk of getting hit frontally and its not the opponent’s fault.  Finally if you are the opponent, it’s not your job to think about avoiding the net person.  I have bungled many a smash with that thought in my head and I have trained my self not to do so and I am sure the pros single mindedly want to win the point and they let the opponent take care of themselves.  So Hingis was good here, no blame.

However if its true that Hingis was arguing the medical time out, I would be very disappointed in her.  However I was watching the match and I did not see Hingis talking to any official during the timeout.  She went straight to her chair and sat down.


@QuoVadis1 Exactly. And you especially can’t be worried about avoiding your opponent on the other side of the net when you’re MP down. You have to be worried about winning that point.


Trust that Hingis did not aim at Andreas.  First, why would she?  Second, moving to the net for a put-away volley, it would be incredibly hard to deliberately hit at somebody’s head.  Do not suggest you try it, just in case you get “lucky”.

Played a number of tournaments agains a bull of a player who never missed an opportunity to go at the player across the net, even with clear real-estate to hit into.  He hit everybody he played against repeatedly.  Sadly, in time, most players tried to retaliate.  The fourth time he “tagged” me in a 3 set match, he got a warning.  And then, he got me going over the net to give him an attitude adjustment.  The ref. restrained me and penalized me.  Also told the “bull”  that the only reason I had not hit him yet, was because I had not wanted to.  We had a “chat” on the locker room.

A year later, I was paired up with that ^()(U )))&)( _ _)( in an exhibition pro-am.  I saw for myself what it looked liked on the other side.  We dropped 6 games in 3 matches.  He tagged all the others at least twice each…..

Win of lose, I had my lawyer draft an agreement between us, in the event he ever tagged me again.  He had to agree to consequences, whatever those might be.  For real…   Never hit a ball near me again.


Wow, Hingis is totally wrong and playing very dirty here. She has ample time and open court to hit that shot. And hitting it high on someone’s face is not cool.

It is known that she was disappointed not able to play mixed doubles and this year is likely her last Olympics, but …

some comments below are so right. She has no class or compassion.

And she is a Czech, only naturalized as a Swiss.


@GOS She is Slovakian by birth, but was born in the then Czechoslovakia.  You are wrong in calling her Czech just like the rest of your comment.


@et316rapier @GOS  she was born in Kosice, Czechoslovakia to Czech parents. She and her mother left Czech for Switzerland when she was 7, six

But her action is opened to interpretation. Her hit her first stroke into the body of Andreas, and also her last stroke. Of course, intention is hard to prove, but there is a pattern there.

Not going over to ask if Anderas is ok, and the twitter msg are just classless.



@GOS @et316rapier Kosice is in Slovakia.


Yes you moron, but czech parents are czech parents.

If your parents are mice, and you are born in a stable, you are not a horse.


@GOS Soviet drafting of names for nations does not remove the fact that Slovakians and Czechs are different peoples. I know who the moron is, GOS, a person who keeps arguing petty points even when they are wrong.


@et316rapier @ArturFiser

I agree with ArturFiser.

Her mother named her Martina after Navratilova who is also a Czech. (Oh, yes, she is American now).

There is a clear connection here regarding Czech. I recall many tennis commentators spoke about Hingis was from Czech originally, but never heard from them that she’s a Slovakian. But then, I am not a Czech or Slovakian, so may be some people are more sensitive about that.


@GOS @et316rapier As you don’t know stop making comments and name calling others.

Agreeing with Arty proves, only, that Arty is as ignorant as you about various peoples and their histories.


Did she get a fracture for real? It’s a tennis ball not a rock, find it hard to believe she got any injury.


@BluBalls Believe me it does.  She is lucky she did not get it in the eye. Retinal detachments are common.  But hitting at the feet of the opponent is a very normal and legal shot. So Hingis did not do anything wrong. But she could have been more sympathetic.


Andrea and Martina are friends off the court which is why Andrea was upset about Martina caring about the lenght of the medical time rather than her friends health. As a friend, i’d immediately go after my friend i’d hit and ask if she’s ok, or apologize. But that’s my point of view and how would I react. What upset me is that Martina did text Andrea that night and Andrea replied that Martina has a hard hit and she has broken bone. Martina replied: ”I’m glad i have a hard hit and i hope you come back soon.” Which is kinda rude to be honest even if she was joking.


Imagine if that had been one of the WS breaking the bone in the face of an Eastern European blonde. The uproar would be deafening.


@DisgustedETC Well, if Venus had done it, I don’t think there would be much noise..but yeah,if Serena had done, there would be an uproar. And some people would swear she had done on purpose.



@DisgustedETC  you are right. But I noticed that the WS often hit to the foot of the person at the net, at least these days. Remember 07 AussieOpen Final, Sharapova smashed an overhead at Serena’s body. She wasn’t fined.



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Likely an unfortunate incident – like a pitcher losing control of a breaking pitch or change up out of the palm. HOWEVER, that Hingis did not come over the net right after the shot to see if she’s okay and apologize, is inexcusable. That speaks volumes about her in my eyes.


@tennismonkey She did put up her racquet in apology and asked Andrea if she was OK. Just because she didn’t come over doesn’t mean she didn’t care. She cares. She herself has taken hits when up close to the net, though she hasn’t suffered a fractured orbital bone.


@tennismonkey Not sure what the rules are about it but most players don’t cross over to the other side when an opponent is potentially injured or injured.  The offer concern and/or apology from their side of the net.


@sparcboy @tennismonkey Rules are meaningless when someone is injured. There are countless incidents where the opponent comes over and at the very least picks up the other’s racquet for them. I completely disagree.

Also, a mistake or net cord winner or body shot to the arm/leg/torso should elicit the racquet up apology. This is something entirely different: one of the most serious injuries a player can have.

oktoberfest-messerstecherei-auf-der-wiesn-millionaersgattin-steht-vor-gericht Nr 2


Erster Artikel dazu oben bitte lesen


Diese Woche wurde im Prozess der Mordvorwurf zurückgenommen und die Heimtücke von einer 31 Jahre alten bay Staatsanwältin nicht mehr verfogt. Es geht nur noch um Totschlag.

Ach Du meine Güte die Showmasterin aus Hamburg teilt dem hohen Gericht mit wie schrecklich Leid es ihr doch tut sie hat sich doch gleich entschudligt gleich 75 000 Euro auf den Tisch gelegt.

Komisch nur das ihr netter Messerstich in die Leber zu einer Notoperation führte die Lebensrettend war und wo die Milz herausgenommen werde  musste.

Komisch das die nette Hamburgerin ganz vergessen hatte das a einer fast nach ihren Messerstich verreckt und ach Du meine Güte die Millionärin ist gar nicnt beim Opfer geblieben. Wie Leid es ihr doch tut. Man glaubt es kaum.

NIcht nur das sie sich verkrümelt hat, sie hatte dann weiter in einer Nobeldisko die Nacht gefeiert, während Notärzte in der Nacht das Leben des Opfers retteten für das GANZ ohne ihr Mitleid von anderen überhaupt erst ein Krankenwagen gerufen wurde.


Das Anwalt Strate so eine fiese Nummer vertritt halte ich für nicht angemessen. Weiter hat er trotz enormen Einsatz für Gustel Mollath im Wiederaufnahmeprozess der bayrischen Justiz zumindest für den neuen Prozess einen Persilschein ausgestellt indem er damals mitteilte das es in Regensburg eine faire Verhandlung war.

Das war sie nicht und es war auch kein faires Verfahren wie man dem GrundrechteReport Bayern 2015 dieses bloggers sehen kann.

Weil RA Strate im Beirat des Strafverteidigers ist und sich zu vielen Themen des deutschen Prozessunrechts und der Strafprozessordnung STPO nicht klar positioniert sondern weiter mit den BRDE Revisionsanwälten am BGH die Linie fährt wie bisher bin ich der Ansicht das hier Klärungsbedarf besteht.

Das kann natürlich nicht so energisch gegenüner ihm fordern weil er 6 Monate für GUstel Mollath gekämpft hat ohne wäre er NIE freigekommen.

Dies ändert nichts an weiter bestehenden Baustellen in STPO und der Schuld der netten Hamburger Millionärin.

Facebook US military comments on danger of nukes in Turkey

ncirlik Air Base – Turkey

Check out this photo of one of our hard working 728th AMS Airmen!

Incirlik Air Base - Turkeys Foto.
Cindy B. Landry, Brittany Hollander, Patty Hart und 234 anderen gefällt das.
Jeremy Green
Jeremy Green Whats going on over there right now? There are reports the base is surrounded by 7,000 people and there are 90 dump trucks lined up at the gate and also reports of maybe a second coup attempt possibly happening? Please feel free to message me if you need to get any information out.
Sotteau Fred
Sotteau Fred If Turkey Merdoghan force his way in .. what happens ?
Bernhard Rohrbeck
Bernhard Rohrbeck Sotteau Fred We should look behind the scenes. And maybe then, realise what the warring parties within the US itself have done, or tried to do, to yet another country.
And then, if religious, maybe start to pray, that diplomats this time, not rabid doMehr anzeigen
1 · 1 Std
Kim Bridgford Rudow
Kim Bridgford Rudow We lived there in 1975-1977 when my dad was stationed there. Will never forget the street on base that we lived on called Jungle Rd because of all the birds.
Naomi Evans Coe
Naomi Evans Coe We lived there at the same time we can’t remember the street name
Grant Carson
Grant Carson Probably a nickname!
John Brunelle
John Brunelle Lived there 83-85. Downtown Adana then in brand new base housing. The new housing was fabulous. Wonder if it’s still ours as I recall after so many years it was supposed to be handed over to the Turkish government.
3 Antworten · 24 Min
Dar Antoni
Dar Antoni Whats going on at incirlik? An hour ago around 1,000 Turkish have surrounded the base. Is an official statement being released or is thing nothing to worry about?
9 Antworten · 59 Min
Ida Whanna
Ida Whanna Hope everyone there is safe. We’re getting mixed news here in the states about things going on there. Let us here from you.
Isaiah Chavez
Isaiah Chavez Bravo row…we could just walk to to that spot from the break room door
Neil Sevintuna
Neil Sevintuna Plane is coming to a stop, not taking off, what’s the point.
Don Pelayo
Don Pelayo About time you get those nukes out of there ?
John Davis
John Davis Haha it’s me. At least they got my good side lol
Sandra Longoria Browning
Sandra Longoria Browning Praying
Sean Weiß
Sean Weiß Did everybody died?
Alexander Schreiber
Alexander Schreiber RT titles “1,000s Turkish forces surround NATO’s Incirlik air base for ‘inspection’ amid rumors of coup attempt “, Sputnik wrote “Turkish Police Block Access to NATO’s Incirlik Air Base – Home of US Nukes”
Seems the US has lost control. If they ever had. Teheran reloaded ?

Congratulations to Staff Sgt. Derek F. Miles from the 39th Operations Support Squadron for being recognized as one of the 12 outstanding Airmen of the Year for 2016.

Nikita Meng, Patty Hart, Keith Curtis Pollanen und 134 anderen gefällt das.
Penny Sweetser
Penny Sweetser Thank You and all those serving for your service..
Roberta Lipke Whitworth
Roberta Lipke Whitworth Congratulations to him. A very nice honor.
Karen Pusztay Dixon
Karen Pusztay Dixon Congratulations! A tremendous award!
Josie Robles
Josie Robles Thank you for your service.




My feeling is that seomething ugly is happening. And strange the news hide it. The risk of Turkish muslims seizing nuclear weapons can not be excluded. Of course the NATO ‘friends’ of US officers in Turkey on that US airbase could not even imagine that in reality they are just fanatic muslims. Strange what is the emergency plan for these nuclear weapons based on the territory of ‘our friends’ in Eastern Turkey whioch is be the way the area where the Armenians were slaugheterd 100 years ago and where the Kurds today are slaughtered by Turks.


Reports Turkish troops have sealed off Incirlik US/NATO nuclear air base

This file photo taken on July 28, 2015 shows a military aircraft on the runway at Incirlik Air Base, in the outskirts of the city of Adana, southeastern Turkey. Picture: AFP

Jamie Seidel, agenciesNews Corp Australia Network

TURKISH citizens and police have ‘surrounded’ the Incirlik air base it operates with the United States — and where a large stockpile of NATO nuclear weapons is held — ahead of a visit by a senior US official tomorrow.

Reports out of Turkey suggest all entrances to the air base have been blocked by heavy vehicles and police sent to secure its peremiter.

The unusual nigh-time move sparked rumours of a second coup attempt on Turkish social media, with concerned citizens rushing to the air base to join the blockade.

The move comes less than a week after a top US Army general was accused by Turkish media of ‘leading’ the uprising against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan earlier this month.

But Turkish Minister for European Affairs has since reportedly sought to reassure local media, stating the mission was just a “safety inspection”.

Regional Governor Ahmet Cina has told Turkish news services: “Everthing is normal and controlled. There is no movement of our troops.”

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Joseph Dunford is due to fly in for an inspection of the air base later today. He is also expected to hold talks with the Turkish government in Ankara.

Last week, General Dunford labelled Turkish claims that a retired US general was behind the coup as “absurd”.

This file picture, released by the US Air Force, shows a US F-16 taking off from the Inirlik base. Picture: AFP

This file picture, released by the US Air Force, shows a US F-16 taking off from the Inirlik base. Picture: AFPSource:AFP

The NATO air base and nuclear weapons store at Incirlik, Turkey. Picture: Google Maps

The NATO air base and nuclear weapons store at Incirlik, Turkey. Picture: Google MapsSource:Supplied

The Turkish Hurriyet news service reported Turkish authorities had responded to “intelligence reports” by ordering the move about 11pm Turkish time.


It states ‘riot police’ and armed vehicles have ‘taken precautions’ around the base.

The air base has been a central facility in US and NATO efforts against Islamic State. It also houses a stockpile of nuclear weapons as part of NATO’s deterrence force.

Several of the aircraft used by coup forces during the failed uprising flew out of the Incirlik air base, which then had its power supply cut off for several weeks.


Turkey will shut down its military academies and put the armed forces under the command of the defence minister, President Tayyip Erdogan said in a move designed to bring the military under tighter government control after a failed coup.

The changes come after more than 1700 military personnel were dishonourably discharged for their role in the abortive July 15-16 putsch. Erdogan, who narrowly escaped capture and possible death on the night of the coup, told Reuters in an interview last week that the military, NATO’s second-biggest, needed “fresh blood”.

The dishonourable discharges included around 40 per cent of Turkey’s admirals and generals.

Turkey accuses US-based Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen of orchestrating the putsch, in which a faction of the military commandeered tanks, helicopters and fighter jets and attempted to topple the government. Erdogan has said 237 people were killed and more than 2100 wounded.

Gulen, who has lived in self-imposed exile in the United States for years, denies the charge and has condemned the coup.

So far, more than 60,000 people in the military, judiciary, civil service and schools have been either detained, removed or suspended over suspected links with Gulen.

Turkey’s Western allies condemned the attempted putsch, but have been rattled by the scale of the resulting crackdown.

Both the general staff and the intelligence agency now report to the prime minister’s office. Putting them under the president’s overall direction would be in line with Erdogan’s push for a new constitution centred on a strong executive presidency.

Erdogan also said that a total of 10,137 people have been formally arrested following the coup.

Turkey’s Tradition of Murdering Christians


As a WestGerman I know quite q few Turkish and the Armenia story I know since many years most Germans not.

After the Turkish-Germans in Germany with two passports started to applaud Erdogan and today in Cologne they assemble with 50 000 folks to demonstratre for thier after putsch Fueher I have more and reservations to relate with them and to eat5 in their restaurants in Germany.

Below a MUST read and good summary. I never felt comfortable witn them because of this historical facts nevertheless I talk to them and associated with some.



  • Turkey’s countless agreements with Western organizations do not seem to have reduced the hatred for Christians there.
  • In Turkey, it is “ordinary people” who murder or attack Christians, then the judiciary or political system somehow find a way of enabling the perpetrators to get away with the crimes. Most of these crimes are not covered by the international media and Turkey is never held responsible.
  • While Muslims are pretty much free to practice their religion and express their views on other religions anywhere in the world, Christians and other non-Muslims can be killed in Turkey and other Muslim-majority countries just for attempting peacefully to practice their religion or openly express their views.
  • “Multiculturalism,” which is passionately defended by many liberals in the West, could have worked wonders in multi-ethnic and multi-religious places such as Anatolia. But unfortunately, Islamic ideology allows only one culture, one religion, and one way of thinking under their rule: Islam. Ironically, this is the central fact these liberals do not want to see.

On 26 July, the northern French town of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray witnessed a horrific Islamist attack: Two Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists killed an 85-year-old priest, Jacques Hamel, in his church during Mass. Two nuns and two churchgoers were taken hostage.

The terrorists, who had pledged allegiance to ISIS and, shouting “Allahu Akbar”, slit the throat of the priest and captured the bloody episode on video, according to a nun who escaped the assault.

Such Islamist attacks might be new to EU member countries but not to Turkey. For decades, so many innocent, defenseless Christians in Turkey have been slaughtered by Muslim assailants.

Christians in Turkey are still attacked, murdered or threatened daily; the assailants usually get away with their crimes.

In Malatya, in 2007, during the Zirve Bible Publishing House massacre, three Christian employees were attacked, severely tortured, then had their hands and feet tied and their throats cut by five Muslims on April 18, 2007.

Nine years have passed, but there still has been no justice for the families of the three men who were murdered so savagely.

First, the five suspects who were still in detention were released from their high-security prison by a Turkish court, which ruled that their detention exceeded newly-adopted legal limits.

The trial is still ongoing. The prosecutor claims that the act “was not a terrorist act because the perpetrators did not have a hierarchic bond, their act was not continuous and the knives they used in the massacre did not technically suffice to make the act be regarded as a terrorist act.”

If the court accepts this legal opinion of the prosecutor, it could pave the way for an acquittal. However, given the many “mysterious” rulings of the Turkish judiciary system to acquit criminals, these killers could also be acquitted by a “surprise” ruling any time.

Ironically, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in March that it is necessary to redefine terrorism to include those who support such acts, adding that they could be journalists, lawmakers or activists. There was no difference, he said, between “a terrorist holding a gun or a bomb and those who use their position and pen to serve the aims” of terrorists.

In a country where state authorities are outspokenly so “sensitive” about “terrorism” and “people holding guns,” why are the murderers of Christians not in jail, and why is the prosecutor trying to portray the murders of Christians as “non-terroristic acts”?

Sadly, the three Christians in Malatya were neither the first nor the last Christians to be murdered in Turkey.

On February 5, 2006, Father Andrea Santoro, a 61-year-old Roman Catholic priest, was murdered in the Santa Maria Church in the province of Trabzon. He was shot while kneeling in prayer at his church. Witnesses heard the 16-year-old murderer shout “Allahu Akbar” (“Allah is the Greatest”) during the murder.

After the murder, a 74-year-old priest, Father Pierre François René Brunissen, from Samsun, led the next church service in Santoro’s church, which boasted barely a dozen members. Because no one volunteered to replace Santoro, Father Pierre was instructed to travel from Samsun to Trabzon each month to care for the city’s small congregation.

“This is a terrible incident,” Father Pierre said. “It is a sin to kill a person. After all of these incidents, I am worried about my life here.”

In July, 2006, he was stabbed and wounded by a Muslim in Samsun. The perpetrator, 53, said that he stabbed the priest to oppose “his missionary activities.”[1]

The attacks against the Christian culture in Anatolia continue in modern times — even after Turkey joined the Council of Europe in 1949 and NATO in 1952.

Turkey’s countless agreements with Western organizations do not seem to have reduced the hatred for Christians there. In March, 2007, as the Christian community of Mersin was preparing for the Easter, a young Muslim man with a kebab knife entered the church and attacked the priests, Roberto Ferrari and Henry Leylek.

Mersin, in southern Turkey, is home to Tarsus, the birthplace of Saint Paul, and to several churches dating from the earliest Christian era.

As the Christian roots of Anatolia weakened, so did its bonds with Western civilization. “The attack against the priest is an indicator that Ankara is not ready for Europe,” a Roman Catholic Cardinal and theologian, Walter Kasper, told the Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera. “There is some amount of tolerance but there is not real freedom. Turkey has to change many things. This change is not about laws. A change of mentality is needed. But you cannot change mentality in one day.”

Bishop Luigi Padovese, Apostolic Vicar of Anatolia, said: “We do not feel safe. I am very worried. Fanaticism is developing in some groups. Some people want to poison the atmosphere and catholic priests are targeted. Anti-missionary films are broadcast on TV channels.”

At a commemorative ceremony for Father Santoro in February, Bishop Padovese said:

“Today, we are asking the question we asked four years ago: Why? We are also asking the same question for all other victims so unjustly murdered even though they were innocent. Why? What was it that they tried to destroy by murdering Father Andrea? Just a person or what that person represented? The aim of shooting Father Andrea was definitely to shoot a Catholic cleric. His being a Father became the reason of his martyrdom.

“The message of Christ on the cross is clear. ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.’ Had they known, they would not have done that. It is wrong to extinguish a life to uphold an idea. It is wrong to think that a person who disagrees with us is at fault and should be destroyed. This is the fundamentalism that crumbles a society. For it wrecks coexistence. This fundamentalism — regardless of what religion or political view it belongs to — might win a few battles but it is doomed to lose the war. This is what history teaches us. I hope that this city and this country will turn into a place where people can live as brothers and sisters and unite for the common good for all. Is the Allah of all of us not the same?”

No, unfortunately, the Allah of all of us is not the same.

Just four months later, in June, 2010, it was Padovese’s turn to be murdered. This time the murderer was the Bishop’s own driver for the previous four years. The driver first stabbed the bishop, then cut his throat, while shouting “Allahu Akbar” during the attack.

At the trial, the driver said that the bishop was “Masih ad-Dajjal” (“the false messiah”), then twice in the courtroom he loudly recited the adhan (Islamic call to worship).

Father Andrea Santoro (left), a 61-year-old Roman Catholic priest, and 63-year-old Bishop Luigi Padovese (right), Apostolic Vicar of Anatolia, were two Christian priests murdered in Turkey in recent years.

In the territory where Christians once thrived, even converting to Christianity now creates serious problems.

“New Christians coming from Muslim families are often isolated and ostracized,” writes Carnes. “Turgay Ucal, a pastor of an independent church in Istanbul, who converted from Islam to Christianity said: “Buddhism is okay, but not Christianity. There was a history.”

And this history includes how indigenous Christians in Anatolia have been slaughtered by Muslims. [2]

The total population of Turkey is about 80 million; believers of non-Muslim faiths — mostly Christians and Jews — comprise 0.2%. Nevertheless, anti-Christian sentiment is still prevalent in much of the Turkish society. [3]

There seems to be a pattern: Murders of Christians are committed stealthily in Turkey: It is “ordinary people” who murder or attack Christians, then the judiciary or political system somehow finds a way of enabling the murderers or attackers to get away with what they have done. Sadly, most of these crimes are not covered by the international media, and Turkey is never held responsible.

Turkey, however, signed a Customs Union agreement with the European Union in 1995 and was officially recognized as a candidate for full membership in 1999. Negotiations for the accession of Turkey to the EU are still ongoing.

How come a nation that has murdered or attacked so many Christians throughout history, and which has not even apologized for these crimes, is considered even a suitable candidate for EU membership? Because of the threat of blackmail to flood Europe with Muslims? Turkey will flood Europe with them anyway. There is even a name for it: Hijrah, spreading Islam (jihad) by emigration. Exactly as Muslims have done inside Turkey.

And what kind of a culture and civilization have many Muslims built for the most part in the lands that they have conquered? When one observes the historical and current situation in Muslim-majority countries, what one mostly sees are murders, attacks and hatred: Hatred of non-Muslims, hatred of women, hatred of free thought and an extremely deep hatred of everything that is not Islamic. Many Muslims that have moved to the West have been trying to import political Islam to the free world, as well.

Muslim regimes including Turkey have not achieved civilized democratization that would enable all of their citizens — Muslims and non-Muslims — to live free and safe lives.

While Muslims are pretty much free to practice their religion and express their views on other religions or on atheism anywhere in the world, Christians and other non-Muslims can be killed in Turkey and other Muslim-majority countries just for attempting peacefully to practice their religion or openly express their views.

“Multiculturalism,” which is passionately defended by many liberals in the West, could have worked wonders in multi-ethnic and multi-religious places such as Anatolia. But unfortunately, Islamic ideology allows only one culture, one religion, and one way of thinking under their rule: Islam. Ironically, this is the central fact these liberals do not want to see.

Much of the history of Islam shows that the nature of Islamic ideology is to invade or infiltrate, and then to dominate non-Muslims.

In general, Muslims have never shown the slightest interest in peaceful coexistence with non-Muslims. Even if most Muslims are not jihadis, most do not speak out against jihadist attacks. Many thus appear quietly to support jihadis. That there are also peaceful Muslim individuals who respect other faiths does not change this tragic fact.

That is why non-Muslims in the West have every right to fear one day being exposed to the same treatment at the hands of Muslims. The fear non-Muslims have of Islamic attacks is, based on recent evidence, both rational and justified.

Given how unspeakably non-Muslims are treated in majority Muslim countries, including Turkey, who can blame them for being concerned about the possible Islamization of their own free societies?

Why does Turkey, which seems to hate its own Christians, want to have visa-free access to Christian Europe, anyway?

Robert Jones, an expert on Turkey, is currently based in the UK.

[1] Christianity has a long history in Samsun – as in all other Anatolian towns. As Amisos, in Greek, it was one of the centers of the ancient Greek Pontos region, and helped spread the Christian influence in the region.

“After 1914 the Greek and Armenian populations were to dwindle considerably due to the organized death marches and other methods used by the Turks during the Greek and Armenian Genocides,” according to “Pontos World.”

Decades later, attacks against Christians are still commonplace. In December 2007, another Catholic priest, Adriano Franchini, 65, of Izmir was also stabbed and wounded during the Sunday church service by a 19-year-old Muslim.

Izmir, or Smyrna, was an ecclesiastical territory of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, and one of the Seven Churches of Asia mentioned by Apostle John in the Book of Revelation.

During the Ottoman era, Smyrna hosted one of the largest populations of Greeks and Armenians. Today, there is only a tiny Christian minority in the city. The devastation of the Greek culture in the city peaked during what is commonly known as the “Catastrophe of Smyrna.” The Turkish army destroyed the city in 1922, after the Great Fire of Smyrna. Turkish soldiers murdered many non-Muslim civilians, including dozens of priests and bishops, and forced countless Greek men to join labor battalions. Most Greeks fled their homes in the city to seek shelter in Greece and other states.

“The Great Fire of Smyrna,” wrote the author Ioanna Zikakou, “was the peak of the Asia Minor Catastrophe, bringing an end to the 3,000-year Greek presence on Anatolia’s Aegean shore and shifting the population ratio between Muslims and non-Muslims.”

According to the journalist Tony Carnes:

“Few nations have as rich a Christian history as Turkey. This is where Paul founded some of the earliest churches, including the church at Ephesus. Seven churches in this region were addressed in the Book of Revelation. Those in the early monastic movement found the caves of Cappadocia a near-perfect place to live out lives of prayer.

“But Christianity came under Islamic rule in Turkey in 1453 and steadily declined for centuries; the last 100 years have been the worst. In 1900, the Christian population was 22 percent. Now most experts estimate that there are fewer than 200,000 Christians nationwide, comprising less than 0.3 percent of the population.”

Today, in Islamized Anatolia, the members of the diminutive Christian minority are daily exposed to verbal or physical attacks. Kamil Kiroglu was born and raised in Turkey as a Muslim. At the age of 24, he became a Christian and served in the Turkish Church until 2009. After he became Christian, he was rejected by his family.

On January 8, 2006, Kiroglu was beaten unconscious by five young Muslim men.

“The attack followed church services,” writes the scholar John L. Allen Jr. in his book, The Global War on Christians. “Kiroglu later reported that one of the young men, wielding a knife, had shouted, ‘Deny Jesus or I will kill you now!’ Another reportedly shouted, ‘We do not want Christians in this country!’ As the attackers left, they told a friend of Kiroglu’s that they had left a gift for him. It turned out to be a three-foot-long curved knife, left behind as a further warning against Christian activity.”

“Turkey may be an officially secular state, but sociologically it’s an Islamic society. In general, the greatest threat facing Christians comes not from religiously zealous forms of Islam but from ultranationalists who see Christians as agents of the West, often accusing them of being in league with Kurdish separatists.”

In 2009, Bartholomew I of Constantinople, the Orthodox Christian Church’s Patriarch, said in an interview with CBS that Turkey’s Christians were second-class citizens and that he felt “crucified” at the hands of Turkish state authorities.

[2] “The annihilation of the non-Turk/non-Muslim peoples from Anatolia started on April 24, 1915, with the arrest of 250 Armenian intellectuals in Istanbul,” wrote the columnist Raffi Bedrosyan.

“Within a few months, 1.5 million Armenians had been wiped out from their historic homeland of 4,000 years in what is now eastern Turkey, as well as from the northern, southern, central, and western parts of Turkey. About 250,000 Assyrians were also massacred in southeastern Turkey during the same period. Then, it was the Pontic Greeks’ turn to be eliminated from northern Turkey on the Black Sea coast, sporadically from 1916 onward.”

Orhan Picaklar, the pastor of the Samsun Agape Church, was kidnapped and threatened by Muslim locals in 2007. He said that people also tried to kidnap his 11-year-old son from his school. His church has been stoned countless times. Ahmet Guvener, the pastor of the Diyarbakir Protestant Church, said he received so many threats that he was awaiting death: “I will give a letter of attorney to a friend of mine. If I die, I want him to take care of my children.”

[3] See the yearly reports of the Association of Protestant Churches about rights abuses against Christians in Turkey.

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