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UK Human Rights Act ECHR Introduction

This is not about EU in Brussels it is about the European Council and the European Convention of Human Rights in Strasbourg and the British Human Rights Act.

Dear British people,

Today, whilst on the web I came across this petition below of which I was not aware. Ido not live in England.

I am completely shocked to see something like that happening. How on earth can the Conservative Party of England dare to abolish the Human Rights Act?

Who I am ?  And why to read what I write on this ?

After years of fighting with the German NAZI courts as a victim of crimes with serious injuries I learned more and more about German law, the European Convention of Human Rights and the court in Strasbourg applying that Convention.

I read and learned about German criminal procedure, how to claim compensation from the government for a wrong court verdict.

Besides the core text on criminal procedure, criminal law, civil law and civil case procedure I read and undestand the commentaries on all the law texts each up to 2000 pages.

Sometimes I read on English or French law.

What does all this mean for this article ?

Whilst understanding what is really going on in German courts and the ECHR in Strasbourg and what kind of laws exist there I understand there is NO law in Germany and the only rights a simple citizens has come from  the ECHR European Convention of Human Rights. But German courts and the German federal ministry of justice just ignore Strasbourg and the ECHR- so what ?

From the little overview I have on English law I am sure no NAZI laws exist there as in the case of Germany. But there are other gaps and the ECHR may be ignored by British courts and the government. After all Strasbourg has no power.

So what?

If the Human Rights Act for England will be abolished by the Conservative Party as shown below it will have the following impact in case you end up in a trial or if you have a civil case.

Bristish courts and police will simply take it much more easy to respect these fundamental rights and shrewd laywers will get away with it much easier if the clearly formulated text of the Human Rights Act does not exist any more. The same applies if Britain abolishes the ECHR. That has nothing to do with the EU in Brussels!

Remember Rothenham shows that the court system and police do not work properly in Germany that is the case as well.

So do not be fooled by talk about too many rights as a simple citizen.

The ECHR European Convention of Human Rights and the Human Rights Act are RIGHTS you should ensure to have e.g. you should sign the petition and you should contact your local politicians with a copy of this article.

yours sincerely,


Stefan Kellmer

victim of German nazicourts and victim of violent crimes with injuries.



Petitioning Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party David Cameron MP and 1 other

We call on the Government and the Prime Minister to provide a national referendum on the planned abolition of the Human Rights Act.