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Twitter Aug 1 2016 Turkey

  1. Italian banks on the brink of collapse-Italy is too big to bailout like they keep doing with Greece

  2. Life Imprisonment for IS inspired slaughter means …only 8.5 years (If you’re a Muslim).

  3. Polish MP says the German government are going to great lengths to cover up musim crimes

  4. Thousands sign petition to remove EU flags from around the UK

  5. Imagine the media backlash if this quote had been in reference to negroes. Now ask yourself why this is tolerated.

  6. Stockton council will regret telling this ex soldier to take his flag down can we give him a like and a share

    The following media may contain sensitive material.

    Your media settings are configured to inform you when media may be sensitive.

  7. A politician’s reaction to .

  8. Bavaria will sue for 700k€ – not a lot, but it could set a precedent

  9. Freedom of the press: Is Trump the next Erdogan?

  10. While purging 80.000 people, seizing properties, jailing journalists, Erdogan media targets Germany with Nazi past!

  11. BREAKING: Convoys Of Berserk Muslims Headed Against US Air Force Base In Turkey

  12. Media making Khan the story meanwhile Turkey: US Air Base, Nuclear Bombs Surrounded By Citizens, Troops & Trucks –

  13. Coup attempt in Turkey raises a nuclear concern at US air base –

  14. 1776 Patriot News Retweeted Ukrainian Updates

    Turkey protesters burning American Flags outside US Air Base. ISIS is threatening to attack.

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  15. Reminder: we keep US nukes here. ‚Turkey: US Air Base, Nuclear Bombs Surrounded By Citizens, Troops & Trucks‘

  16. US Nuke Base Under Attack in Turkey by muslim brotherhood / Obama wheres the MSM

  17. – Over Half the DNC Audience Marched Out on Hillary- Total Mainstream Blackout (VIDEO) .

  18. Even Bill Clinton Fell Asleep During Hillary’s Speech (VIDEO) .

  19. Russian Jets Just Bombed A U.S. Base In Syria

  20. South Korea fines Volkswagen $16 million and suspends sales of 80 VW models for fabricated documents on tests.

  21. Tourist BEATEN to a PULP by Turkish nationalists and forced to say ‚I love Turkey‘

  22. WOW! US Marine And Navy Veteran Writes BLISTERING Open Letter To Khizr Khan: via

  23. Vast numbers of manufacturing jobs in Pennsylvania have moved to Mexico and other countries. That will end when I win!

  24. Camerons perverted honours: Nigel saved Britain and got nothing. Samantha Cameron’s hair stylist is rewarded.

  25. Crooked Hillary Clinton is 100% owned by her donors.

  26. Clinton Was Director Of Company That Donated Money To ISIS

  27. The anti-Clinton protest dwarfed the anti-Trump one. What does that tell us?


  29. France unveils response to Islamic terrorism …

  30. It takes 3.2sec to retweet and help find missing Niamh Mcgovern,16, missing from since 29/7

  31. Saudi Arabia DELIBERATELY Ignoring Refugees,To Spread Islam In The West http://www.

  32. US in GRAVE DANGER of being OVERTHROWN by obama!

  33. And they will probably be invited to join the EU. Are we mad – or are we mad? Chanting „Allah u Akbar,“ in Turke

  34. Economic migrants‘ use blankets to drag away razor-wire fence stopping their entry into from

  35. Let us look deeper into the realities going on in Iran.

  36. Pretend or Prepare The choice is yours.

  37. Jack Squires Retweeted David Taylor

    You are 10 years out of date , deficit now £154 Billion

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  38. Jack Squires Retweeted Colin Dunn

    Very simple „The Union“, Scotland in Blairs rule had surplus, Since SNP “ RULE“ nothing but deficit . Can be again
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    This powerful series of tweets says all you need to know about the state of Turkey’s democracy

    This powerful series of tweets says all you need to know about the state of Turkey’s democracy


    Erdogan’s post-coup purges have targeted at least 50,000 people


    Turkish president Recep Erdogan has ordered that at least 131 media outlets suspected of inciting or sympathizing with this month’s failed military coup be permanently shut down.

    That includes three news agencies, 16 TV channels, 23 radio stations, 45 daily newspapers, 15 magazines, and 29 publishing houses, according to Al Jazeera.

    Erdogan’s post-coup purges have targeted at least 50,000 people — including soldiers, police, civil servants, and academics — suspected of inciting or sympathizing with the military uprising. At least 15,000 have been detained so far.

    Journalists — long a favorite target of Erdogan’s — have also been hastily targeted in the post-coup crackdown. As of Thursday, 42 journalists had been detained, according to Turkish analyst and journalist Mahir Zeynalov.

    Zeynalov has been sharing photos on Twitter of the journalists as they are hauled away by Turkish police.

    These are just a few of them:

    The massive purges have given many analysts reason to believe that Erdogan — who called the failed coup “a gift from God” — is using the incident as an excuse to rid society of those who oppose his rule.

    In the wake of roughly 14 terrorist attacks on Turkish soil in just over a year, Erdogan has attempted to significantly expand his presidential powers and quell dissent.

    The US generally tries to avoid criticizing Turkey, which has the second-largest military in NATO and is a crucial ally in the fight against ISIS. President Barack Obama has expressed concern in the past about Erdogan’s repressive tendencies, however.

    “I’ve said to President Erdogan to remind him that he came into office with a promise of democracy,” Obama said during a press conference at the end of the Nuclear Security Summit in April.

    “And Turkey has historically been a country in which deep Islamic faith has lived side by side with modernity and an increasing openness. That’s the legacy that he should pursue rather than a strategy that involves repression of information and shutting down democratic debate.”

    The US quickly condemned the attempted overthrow of Erdogan’s government on July 15, however, and called on all parties in Turkey to “support the democratically elected Turkish government.”

    In any case, the coup attempt — and the mass purges that have followed — “presents a dilemma to the United States and European governments,” Richard N. Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, told The New York Times shortly after the uprising was put down.

    “Do you support a nondemocratic coup,” or an “increasingly nondemocratic leader?”


    Read more:


    • This chart is easy to interpret: It says we’re screwed
    • How Uber became the world’s most valuable startup
    • These 4 things could trigger the next crisis in Europe

    Read the original article on Business Insider UK. © 2016. Follow Business Insider UK on Twitter.



    1 hour ago
    Please check an interesting analysis of the situation in Turkey and on how should we act to protect the democracy:
    – http://businessandeconomics.net/2016/07/30/the-coup-detat-and-the-democratic-values/
    – http://businessandeconomics.net/2016/07/30/the-democracy-and-the-new-threat/

    6 hours ago
    here will be full of people now who’ll criticise Turkey like “how Turkish media is deppendant, how government treats to journalists and bla bla“, or some spill out their hatred against the coup attempters as they failed it. well played “independent“. you know how to wiggle your crowd.

Fuherer Erdogan supported by German passports holders in Cologne

  1. stefan kellmer Retweeted Tactical Investor

    But he stands for religious freedom

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  2. stefan kellmer Retweeted Voice of Europe

    Something his bitch did not notice = stateofGermany

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  3. stefan kellmer Retweeted Conflict News

    After and in naive woke up right wingers also fedup with

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  4. stefan kellmer Retweeted Conflict News

    and in naive woke up

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  5. stefan kellmer Retweeted Onlinemagazin

    Last example of a Dying species = still has a functioning bain and is a individual

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Twitter July 26 2016

  1. Demand for western countries to take more Syrian refugees while Islamic countries take none.Why no uproar on left?

  2. Majority of Poles no longer view in favorable light

  3. Germans plan ‘huge’ demonstration in Berlin over leader’s open door asylum policy


  5. stefan kellmer Retweeted South Lone Star

    Strange US people notice Europeans just stupid or ignorant

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  6. stefan kellmer Retweeted ☞ PublicHouse

    Germans are idiots = conclusion after 10 years fight with courts and adiministration as victim of crimes injuries

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  7. Strange Bavaria government jumps on attacks by asking for dictator laws liek Erdogan in Turkey

  8. stefan kellmer Retweeted Voted for Brexit

  9. Unfort attacks will continue becaus wont admit she made a mistake

  10. taunts over terror and says ‚our problem is not in Mecca, but in

  11. Yes been thinking that too I think a majority of the People think is NUTS & has Converted to Islam 
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    Twitter Munich attack other

    1. I will show here next days how will manipulate events and media will link to right winger instead to Muslim Islam

    2. Hilary Clinton’s quoted tweet no longer available on my timeline. Strange. Ah well, here’s a screenshot.

    3. Thailand and Malaysia want post-Brexit free trade with the UK. Indonesia next? None of them have free trade agreements with the EU.

    4. The Left moan endlessly about the need for „diversity“ but when it comes to expressing opinion they seek to impose and enforce uniformity.

    5. warned British citizens of the EU’s plans & you listened.British citizens made the best decision 2leave EU.

    6. It’s NOT ! It’s NOT ! It’s an !!!

    7. Petition: Repeal the 1972 European Communities Act immediately on EU Referendum OUT vote.

    8. Rare photo of the UK leaving the EU.

    9. EU considers 7 year ‘emergency brake’ to keep us in Already voted against that. Tell them to F off Mrs May


    11. Britain Brainwashing Channel

    12. What the British Bullshitting Corporation would have you believe!! DONT LISTEN TO THEM

    13. Polish patriots marched against the Muslim invasion, biggest in the history of Poland. NOT ONE report in the MSM.

    14. Are we to understand that 2000 cops were assuming threatening positions for TV cameras while one teenager was on a shooting spree?

    15. Haitch7 Retweeted Agent P

      Can you imagine if an English man dared say a similar insulting and racist comment about the Scots?

      Haitch7 added,

    16. Munich Shooter’s Facebook Shows He Is NOT Iranian But A Syrian Islamist Pro Turkey

    17. Munich Shooter 18yr Old German-Iranian, Lured Kids to McDonalds Promising “Free Gifts” – TruthFeed

    18. 1,400 years of Islamic progress.

    19. Says man who bought an £80k flat in Edinburgh to vote in the Indyref before checking the Electoral Commission rules.

    20. Nicola Sturgeon’s welcome note to 600 refugees now settled in Scotland Is her middle name Merkel by any chance?

    21. Shellie Correia Retweeted Chrisvhfan

      Russia has a warrant out for Soros‘ arrest. I think we should deliver him to Putin, on a „silver platter“.

      Shellie Correia added,

    22. Lawyer who called for Muslim unity after brutal murder of Asad Shah receives death threats

    23. ParentChain Retweeted Paul Joseph Watson

      This is how left wing Germany has become!

      ParentChain added,

    24. Some cultures are better than others.

    25. Another well integrated Muslim migrant commits mass slaughter. How’s that „diversity“ working for you?

    26. strikes again. Time for the migrant red carpet to be removed. Time for Merkel to resign.

    27. Louise Mensch Retweeted Daniel Gillett

      As a feminist I believe in equal treatment for all. Feminism compels me to defend who broke no rules

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    28. Lesley Miller Retweeted Maggie May

      Labour not only call leavers racist & bigot ,but also thick, innit. Thank goodness its only 17.6Mn in UK innit.

      Lesley Miller added,

    29. It turns out some Labour members have confused an all-women shortlist with Jeremy Corbyn’s hit list…classy lot aren’t they?

    30. „ATTENTION COMRADES! does NOT use . The ‚worker‘ holding this megaphone gets £1.51 an hour“

    31. They keep tellin‘ me that The Sunday Herald isn’t remotely anti-English. Course not, lads. Course not…

    32. ‚This is revenge for Brexit‘ Motorists forced to SLEEP in their cars say French deliberately engineered Dover chaos

    33. John McDonnell says he’s in the mainstream. I’d hate to see an extremist.

    34. GERMANY – Sikh Temple Blown Up By Islamic State Supporters ‚Not Terrorism‘

    35. : Company transferring oil from ISIS to is one of ally & funder companies of .

    36. Turkish President Erdogan says: „PKK are atheist and Zoroastrian, they do not act with our Islamic values.“ Erdogan values = $$.

    37. Archbishop of Canterbury hosted Pakistani glorifiers of Muslim terrorist

    38. Who have „Confessed“ in Turkey got some Edogan hospitality Left: Before Mid: Day Arrested Right: Today

    39. Italy – the last country I ever thought i’d see a scene like this

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      Twitter tweets Football Final game France-Portugal

      I was at the French side of the border on Sunday final EUROPEAN football.
      The streets were full with French flags painted faces and Tricolore everywhere.
      I believe France deserved the victory but luck was not on their side.
      Regarding French idendity I am glad they made it to the final. France is more than a country its where the liberty in Europe began and there are no NAZI laws there as in Germany.
      It was not France that wanted a boring football game. It was Portugal playing  safe but boring.
      Several almost goals for France did not work out.
      Needless to add that due to the hate Germans show me my team in this championship was not Germany.

      Marcotti: 24 thoughts about Euro 2016: Too many things happened in the stands Most worrying is what happened …









      Guten Morgen mit David Guetta! ist Europameister!