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Twitter Aug 3 2016 US AirBase Turkey

  1. 7000 Turkish Forces With Heavy Equipment Surround Home Of US Nukes–US Air Base In Turkey Where Lockdown In Progress

  2. Turkey: US Air Base, Nuclear Bombs Surrounded By Citizens, Troops & Trucks –

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  5. Turkey Surrounds, Blocks Access To NATO’s Incirlik Airbase Amid Speculation Of Second Coup | Zero Hedge

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Facebook US military comments on danger of nukes in Turkey

ncirlik Air Base – Turkey

Check out this photo of one of our hard working 728th AMS Airmen!

Incirlik Air Base - Turkeys Foto.
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Jeremy Green
Jeremy Green Whats going on over there right now? There are reports the base is surrounded by 7,000 people and there are 90 dump trucks lined up at the gate and also reports of maybe a second coup attempt possibly happening? Please feel free to message me if you need to get any information out.
Sotteau Fred
Sotteau Fred If Turkey Merdoghan force his way in .. what happens ?
Bernhard Rohrbeck
Bernhard Rohrbeck Sotteau Fred We should look behind the scenes. And maybe then, realise what the warring parties within the US itself have done, or tried to do, to yet another country.
And then, if religious, maybe start to pray, that diplomats this time, not rabid doMehr anzeigen
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Kim Bridgford Rudow
Kim Bridgford Rudow We lived there in 1975-1977 when my dad was stationed there. Will never forget the street on base that we lived on called Jungle Rd because of all the birds.
Naomi Evans Coe
Naomi Evans Coe We lived there at the same time we can’t remember the street name
Grant Carson
Grant Carson Probably a nickname!
John Brunelle
John Brunelle Lived there 83-85. Downtown Adana then in brand new base housing. The new housing was fabulous. Wonder if it’s still ours as I recall after so many years it was supposed to be handed over to the Turkish government.
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Dar Antoni
Dar Antoni Whats going on at incirlik? An hour ago around 1,000 Turkish have surrounded the base. Is an official statement being released or is thing nothing to worry about?
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Ida Whanna
Ida Whanna Hope everyone there is safe. We’re getting mixed news here in the states about things going on there. Let us here from you.
Isaiah Chavez
Isaiah Chavez Bravo row…we could just walk to to that spot from the break room door
Neil Sevintuna
Neil Sevintuna Plane is coming to a stop, not taking off, what’s the point.
Don Pelayo
Don Pelayo About time you get those nukes out of there ?
John Davis
John Davis Haha it’s me. At least they got my good side lol
Sandra Longoria Browning
Sandra Longoria Browning Praying
Sean Weiß
Sean Weiß Did everybody died?
Alexander Schreiber
Alexander Schreiber RT titles „1,000s Turkish forces surround NATO’s Incirlik air base for ‘inspection’ amid rumors of coup attempt „, Sputnik wrote „Turkish Police Block Access to NATO’s Incirlik Air Base – Home of US Nukes“
Seems the US has lost control. If they ever had. Teheran reloaded ?

Congratulations to Staff Sgt. Derek F. Miles from the 39th Operations Support Squadron for being recognized as one of the 12 outstanding Airmen of the Year for 2016.

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Penny Sweetser
Penny Sweetser Thank You and all those serving for your service..
Roberta Lipke Whitworth
Roberta Lipke Whitworth Congratulations to him. A very nice honor.
Karen Pusztay Dixon
Karen Pusztay Dixon Congratulations! A tremendous award!
Josie Robles
Josie Robles Thank you for your service.