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Foreword. WWIII is made by Poland with USA. This article is NOT to support a German-Russian Empire. It is about avoiding large scale military conflict on European soil that will ONLY benefit non-Europeans and in particular the USA and Canada. Life in Eastern Europe is still hard incomes are low. But Poland wants to play war. Life in the Ukraine is miserable at $100 per month but since 2014 its $ 40 a month. ALL Europeans are fooled by NATO. This military conflict does not help ANY European it only destroys Europe and the winner is the USA and Canada. That is what this is about. Take it or leave it. This  is not about religion, not about politics, not about races or Slavic people its about self-destruction of European people and this is instigated by NATO and USA and Canada and NATO staff both civilian and military. HISTORY:This blogger is originally West-German and speaks Russian. Since the end of Cold War in 1990 he has an interest in Polish and Soviet Russian history. Poland did not exist over long periods in history. Its territory was either Russian or German or Austrian-Hungarian. Poland is Slavic but Catholic. Prussia which covered some of Poland and Russia are Protestant or Orthodox Russian later Communist. Poland is a permanent problem for peace  and this is in the interest of the USA and to a lesser extent to the UK. France was always happy to have a Catholic friend at the other side of the German border. CURRENT MESS since 1990 and since EU membership: Poland was as poor as all other Eastern Europeans. England was the only EU country to let them work and this was the best economic help the Poles could get. But later so many new EU member countries flooded the Western EU countries that salaries were pushed down. And Germany did not even have a general minimum salary. This was devastating for many poor Germans and Austrians. Poland is NOT thankful to the old Western EU countries at all. The general right to work and live there for 40 million Poles is a very large gift and $ Billions are transferred back to Poland from those working in Western Europe. But Poland wants more. Despite of its still miserable economy it wants to play world politics. It wants to revenge for lost territories in  today’s Ukraine that is in Western Ukraine and it plays this game in the name of anti-Russian feelings. That is what USA Canada and some EU countries support. CURRENT MESS since 1990 and since NATO membership: Russia at the time of the end of Communism ONLY agreed to leave Eastern Germany and Poland and other Eastern European countries on the condition that NATO does not expand to these countries. And in particular it was agreed upon that no troops and no military equipment would be installed in these countries. NATO ignored this agreement and invited Poland the Baltics and other like Romania and Bulgaria to NATO. Since the so called war in Ukraine troops and equipment shall be put in these countries. Poland is at the forefront of these efforts and constantly pushes for that. POLAND financed with USA and Germany NAZIS in UKRAINE: This was done to destablize Ukraine in order to justify NATO enlargement, installation of NATO troops and military equipment in Eastern Europe and to support all those in Ukraine fighting against Russia. Poland is the main fuss maker in Ukraine and Western Ukraine which is the core NAZI area due to the Bandera supporters and the movement Pravi Sector. In addition, this area was Polish at some time in history but never populated just by Poles. POLAND is by far the most responsible to destroy any civilised co-exitence with Russia due to the above.