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Serbia No 2 How USA cheated to justify war in Serbia

I feel a need to communicate this to my readers and all other people.

French General General Gallois: The truth about Serbia and general Mladic via

shows us Europeans that USA and Germany used a false flag operation to justify the war in Serbia.

At the time I already spoke Russian and was in Russia for some time.

It was just 3 months after a new government in Germany got in place in 1998. Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder a social democrat and Joschka Fischer from the Green Party as foreign minister

I could not believe that a left wing government with Green foreign minister would agree to bomb Serbia.

Buthis is what happened.


I am utterly concerned that NATO and USA will start another war in Eastern Ukraine and the political decisisions made and still to come will be hidden as in the case of the war in Serbia.

French General Gallois tells us the truth and my blog shows articles and links how NATO and USA Nuland financed NAZIS in Western Ukraine in order to fight in Eastern Ukraine and to kill Russian civilians.

In this article I do not comment on that. The former TAXI driver and then German foreign minister Fischer Green party was completely unexperienced in international conferences. He got fooled by US diplomats in the conference in France on Serbia in Ramboulliet. Appendix B was part of the NATO document but German foreign Fischer was not even aware of it only after he signed he undertsood what he signed. But too late. In one of the videos General Gallois explains what Appendix B is and was. It was the request to the Serbs to let NATO troops occupy Serbia without conditions. Of course Serbia refused and that justified NATO bombs. And the Green party German foreign minister signed that.

NATO so called decision making these days works the same way.

I am deeply suspicious on the way so called NATO policy papers especially on Russia and Ukraine get discussed and approved. I am sure US diplomats cheat as much as they can.

In addition, I have serious doubts that ALL 28 NATO member countries agreed upon a NATO policy to start a war in case of Russian or Chinese cyper attacks. It is my opinion that such a decision was NEVER made by NATO decision makers, and that those NATO decision makers responsible were not the ones who ’signed‘ such a policy paper.


I urge the Europeans to use this information to get involved to resist NATO games to declare former US ambassador Nuland a persona non grata in European countries.

I urge Europeans in each country in their national parliaments to refuse any NATO policy paper that increases conflicts in Ukraine Serbia and Russia.

Serbia No 1

Ukrainians do not understand the hate and the money behind American involvement in Serbia and Ukraine.


The followong article attached to a youtube video just shows what is really going on. In addition, the British parliament declared the NATO war on Serbia without legal basis.

Western Media Presstitude covers up NAZI funding by USA in Ukraine by Ambassador Nuland $5billion and of course this media covers up the large scale environmental damage in Serbia due to harmful USA bombs there.

The final goal of all this USA involvement in Europe is to either destroy the soil and water for ever or to empoverish Eastern European countries in order to have no competitors in industry or agriculture. Of course Americans will occupy the best soil on earth in Ukraine instead of polluting it if there is a chance to do that for that Ukraine must be in NATO. Ukrainians will have no profit in any case. Either they are poor outide NATO or in NATO with American landownners.

What a great choice??

And if the population there kill each other even better that is what happened between Croatia and Serbia and now between Ukraine and Russia.

The USA has left the legtitmate area to defend The NorthAmerican Continet or secure its defense including the NATO arrangement.


Ambassador NULAND is a war criminal and she is an open NAZI financial supporter.

After the video below you will see something on the helpless effort by French President Mitterand who tried to prevent this bombing in Serbia by USA:

We Europeans will kill ourselves if we swallow what USA and NATO give us and we ask no questions.



Written on youtube in 2008

Reason Why I Hate USA – American Bombing of Serbia


Uploaded on 25 Mar 2008

In March 1999, the member states of the NATO alliance launched a 78-day bombing campaign against
Yugoslavia. Most of the bombs and missiles were aimed at undefended civilian targets. More than
20,000 tons of explosive (including cluster bombs and 10 tons of radio-active depleted uranium) were
dropped on 200 towns and cities, killing over a thousand civilians, causing long term environmental damage
and an estimated 250 billion dollars of damage to the country’s civilian infrastructure. NATO claimed its
motives were humanitarian: to pressurise Mr Milosevic to sign a „peace settlement,“ and „halt a humanitarian
catastrophe“. Since the war ended, information has emerged which casts NATO’s motives in an entirely
different light.
Not a response to a humanitarian problem Far from being a humanitarian response to unacceptable
oppression of the Albanian majority in Kosovo, it is now known that the NATO bombing was the
culmination of illegal intervention by NATO member states dating back to at least the mid-1990s (when
Germany and the United States began to arm and train the KLA). There was a cynical deliberate
escalation of the inter-ethnic conflict to create an apparent need for outside intervention. The purpose
of this intervention, from the outset, was political and economic.
The situation in Kosovo in the months before March 1999 was that there was insurgency instigated by
the KLA which escalated in 1998 and led to numerous deaths on both sides. It was not, as suggested
by western leaders, that Serbs were carrying out a vicious and unprovoked programme of violence
against unarmed civilians.
When NATO nations announced its intention to bomb Yugoslavia Serbs interpreted this as support for
the KLA insurgents and feared for the safety of the 250,000 Serbs native to their Kosovo province.
They retaliated by attempting to wipe out the KLA . Thus the threat and action of bombing intensified the
conflict and provoked the humanitarian catastrophe it was claimed it would prevent.
What has happened to the indigenous Serbian population in Kosovo since the arrival of NATO
ground forces proves that Serb fears were totally justified.
UK MPs admit illegality of the war In June 2000 an all-party Select Committee of the House of
Commons acknowledged that there was no legal basis for the NATO bombing. By definition, this
means that the bombing constituted illegal aggression against a sovereign state. Every bomb
dropped was a war crime.







Mitterrand Leaves for Sarajevo, Hoping to Shock His Serbian Ally …


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French General: Germany plotted the YUGOSLAV wars

Published on 29 Sep 2013

French General reports about fake mass rapes, the false flag Makale Massacre, the lies about Sarajevo, the faked (war igniting) massacre of Racak,, the intentionally NATO bombing of civilian infrastructure in order to submit Serbia and exploit ist People.

Ein französischer general berichtet über gefläschte Massenvergewaltigungen, das Makale-Massaker unter falscher Flagge, die Lügen über Sarajevo, das gefälschte und kriegsauslösende Massaker von Racak, die absichtlichen NATO-Bombardierungen von ziviler Infrastruktur, um Serbien zu unterwerfen und auszubeuten.








Lies and tricks of a German minister – this is how propaganda works