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Poland would you fight for Poland: Not so nice fact about Polish history No 1

This blogger a West-German with a strong interest in history has some remarks on romatic feelings on Poland.

There should be NO romantic feelings.



Poland praticed the Catholic Inquisition like Spain and Italy.


In Poland you could not be a businessman if not Catholic.


Polish courts were the MOST corrupt und unfair throughout history.


Poland does not get anywhere even 25 years after the end of communism.



Poland covers large parts of former Germany. This blogger is NOT concerened about that in general.  Most people in US, UK, France are very happy with that. The logic is Poland got land that was taken from German Nazis who killed millions in WWII and in WWI so Germany had two wars and did not learn and that was the right penalty. Even if you agree with that there are things missing. The Northern German territories were Prussian and thus Protestant. If we take away ALL Nazi and Kaiser issues here the picture is as following. The Catholic church is the BIG winner of that war and the Vatican was happy to support Hitler. The Vatican knew in advance that Protestant Germany would be reduced and Catholic Poland would benefit.



What does it mean to fight for Poland as a UK or USA Protestant soldier. You are fighting for the benefit of the Catholic Inquistion.


What does it mean to fight for Poland as a German Protestant or non-believer. You are fighting for the Catholic Inquisistion.



Fighting for the Catholic Inqusistion Poland and their corrupt courts and mess economy means you betray your own interest as a North Amerian Protestant and as a German or UK Protestant or non-believer. Regardless if that Catholic Hitler issue is considered here or not.


What is the moral right point of view.


Poland never got anywhere in history. When they became communist it was due to USA because the USA wanted to divide Europe. USA Army was already close to Prague still USA betrayed the Czechs the same with Poland.

After the end of communism Poland got his chance. Russia NEVER entered Poland since 1990. That is 25 years. In this time China other Asian became rich countries. But Poland messed it up.

So they wasted their chance. Now they want mostly US Protestants and UK Protestants or non-believers and Germans to protect them. Of course with their money and of course the EU still has to pay for the corrupt Polish elite and economy that is still mostly Catholic.


The right attitude is: Let them have their independence, let them have the automtatic work permit in EU as currently and that’s it.

This is regardless if you are a USA UK or German person . It does not matter if Hitler is a war criminal it does not matter if Germans lost a LOT of land and property in pure German Prussian territories. What matters now ist that Poland gets nowwhere and the West and Russia should just let them in peace. If they get it done to develop OK if not OK.



The morally right attitude is spoiled by NATO by USA generals of course they do not care about ANY Protestant history not US not UK not German. They want a war with Russia at least they want to occupy Ukraine.  That is why they need Poland. To make a fuss. Their world is NOT history not regligion their world is money and power. US Deputy foreign minister Nuland former ambassador to Ukraine thinks like that as well.




Poland was a corrupt country and lived the Catholic Inqusition. The so called freedom fight is rubbish.


Poland got its chance after 1990. It did not make much of it wasted 25 years whilst Asia started to rule the world.


As a Western European you are paying endless subsidies for  a Catholic corrupt state by far the largest in the East EU 40 Million people.


As a UK or German soldier you will fight for a fake sucess story called Poland and you will not only fight for a country that does not return anything to Western Europe but you will be drawn into war with the real big country in the East that is Russia.



Between Russia and Poland there is a country that is 1000 km wide called Ukraine. As a Western European you have NOTHING to fear from Russia in today’s world.