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Poland constitutional court and NaziBavaria and Germany Introduction

It is an irony that Poland that claims to have struggled for so long for freedom and for its existence just abolished its constitutional court or at least reduced its powers significantly. The other irony is that the Fourth Reich e.g. Merkel’s Germany lectures the Polish on this. And the next irony is that in fact Germany has no real constitutional court if one understands the still existing Nazi laws and Nazi type German judges and their friends. The final inrony is that each German province or state such as for example Bavaria has its own provincial constitutional court and they have not stopped the use of old Nazi laws in modern Germany. Needless to say that the right for individual complaints in the state and federal constitutional courts is for nothing simply because almost all such complaints are refused for consideration.

Conclusion: The no rights zone in the EU currently covers Germany and Poland if not other countrie as well.


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The next article on this will be on the Nazi background of German lecturer Oettinger who is a Merkel party fellow and lost the election in the Nazi state of Schwaben Stuttgart and is now EU commissioner on media. He lectured the Polish recently, a true freedom fighter and the dream of all Polish freedom fighters.

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