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Longest trial in German history Introduction and news No 4

Hey non-suspicious European folks, please read carefully to feel the smell


German MP Edathy indicted for using child sex pictures and his party mate MP Dr. Eva Hoegl both social democrats. Both worked on the commission on Longest trial in Germany and the 10 dead Turks and NSU still going on in the year 2016 at the court in Munich.


As you know on this articles on Longest trial in German history the rotten Germany contains so many garbage you just do not believe it.

Introduction here: After the 10 Turks were killed by local mafia gangs and one by the secret police of the state of Hessen that is where Frankfurt is, the German govevernment decided to make 3 East-German right wingers the suspects. That was the jack pot for ALL Lefties and anti facist groups. Many of them run seminars web site on this and and and get CASH for it from the German government.

But reading the first articles on this long trial on this blog you know German secret service infiltrated the right wing groups and the 3 suspects to have killed the 10 Turks where in contact with one such secret agent who suddenly died in the year 2014 because he knew too much as was summoned by the court of this long trial or by one of the many parliamentary commissions on the 10 dead Turks.

So the fact that the secret service financed right wing groups and possibly the fake suspects the 3 East Germans should take all the blame to have killed the 10 Turks not the local mafia gangs that was of course reason for parliamentary commissions.

And of course the parliamentary commission in the federal parliament was established  around the year 2013 that is one year after the beginning of that long trial.

The chairman of the commission was the MP Edathy  as social-democrat with Asian origin. Since the longest trial  was still going in in the court in Munich, even  untill the day of this article in 2016, MP Edathy was  in the media every day and he fanatically pushed for the official government story that it was the 3 suspects in court from East Germany with right wing background to have killed the 10 Turks and of course his Asian or foreign origin seemed to have helped him to be on that kind of track because in that way he would be fighting white evil people and even better white East German evil people. So his mission on earth was a divine one and omitting any contrary evidence that points to mafia gangs or secret police killing the 10 Turks was not on his media agenda for the duration of the work of his commission.  The commission worked for some time and just when the final report was finished and the commission terminated its work officially just a few weeks later MP Edathy got a letter from the public prosecutor office to have illegally downloaded child sex pictures from a vendor in Canada.  And even on his work compute in the building of the German fderal parliament. The German FBI called BKA had a list of over 100 suspects and online download records were the evidence.

So MP Edathy was in the news and almost got thrown out of his party. Later he got a symbolic fine not a prison sentence and not even one on probation. Just 6000 Euros at that’s it. OK.



Beginning of this article:

YOU MUST read the above to understand how its smelling in the German parliament and in the SPD social-democratic party.


After MP Edathy was indicted for downloading child sex pictures from Canada there was ZERO talk in ALL of Germany not even in conspiracy blogs that maybe the credibility of that honerable German MP is and was never given and that his statements as chairman of the commission on NSU on the reason and who killed the 10  Turks would have to be reviewed. ZERO till these days. This blogger is the ONLY observer German or not asking for that.


Of course nobody in Germany complained that the revelation was made just after the commission terminated its work. Only later there were complains the party knew about it.



The vice chairman of the commission also a social democrart but a women lost no time to step in and to keep the PROPAGANDA machine going regarding the 3 fake suspects and avoiding any other investigations on local mafia gangs and one particular secret police officer.


When the public understood that MP Edathy was a child sex liker some asked why this was not disclosed much earlier and another parliamentary commission was established on MP Edathy. And it turned out that the party boss in the parliament  Mr Oppermann almost lost his job because he knew about this much earlier as other party members. However, there was no penalty for anybody because false statements could not be proved.



MP  Edathy with his non European origin was the perfect idiot to fanatically insist on the only possibilty to have 3 East Germans as suspects. His party the social democrats also control a lot of the media and during the work of the commission there was no other MP with a better idiot qualification to have pushed for that German PROPAGANDA and false flag operation called Longest trial in German history on the 10 dead Turks.


Once his ‚mission‘ was accomplished he was worthless to the party and he got kicked out by indicting him. In addition, in case this ‚honorable‘ MP from Germany might have changed his mind on the true killers of the 10 Turks it was a useful idea to destroy his credibility. Of course he had access to so many files and documents and secret ones that the idea to write a book on this with contrarian views was also prevented to come to his mind -artfully. Well done dear MPs from the social democratic party. imago63400681h-1-

MP Dr. Eva Hoegl  of course knew it all the way that her commission boss MP Edathy is a little special regading children but this honorable German female MP kept her mouth shut and of course she knew that he would be blown up just after the end of the work of the commission. That’s how Germans with law degree are.

Needlesss to say that MP DOKTOR Hoegel a lawyer by training in the NAZI legal system did not mention a word on the credibility of the indictment on the 3 fake East German suspects. Why local Turkish mafia gangs are protected by her party a of Turks are in her party.


MP Edathy did the dirty work as expected he did it so well that MP DOKTOR Hoegl could take over the case at least in the federal German parliament without any changes on the official PROPGANDA story and false flag opertion.


MP Hoegl is the biggest BITCH in that false flag operation till the year 2016 the trial in Munich is still going on. Questions not asked by NOBODY in Germany.


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Longest trial in German history Introduction and news No 3



In order to better understand: ALL of Germany not just the Lefties also the Merkel Conservtaives wantes a group of Nazis from East Germany to have killed 10 Turkish businessmen in Germany.  Instead of continuing to investigate on ongoing mafia gangs in the concerned German cities.

When this plan became reality 2 suspects had to die and only 1 Beate Zschaepe remained alive for the fake trial.

But a provincial state parliamentary commission confirmed that the suicide theory is based on very weak facts and police confiscated mobile phones from early arriving emergency staff and deleted all pictures. That is stated in an official report by the commission.

End introduction

It is important to know any photos and videos made be emergency staff arriving at the spot were confiscated by police.  That is the reason of the death of  2 dead suspects who were killed by secret police with the consent of the most important German weekly news magazine Der SPIEGEL and the German government had to be kept secret and covered up in order to officially tell Germany a suicide happened.

After the 300 day trial began the province of Thuringia where the 2 suspects were found dead installed a parliamentary commission to find out if it was suicide or not. And it was not.

The fire brigade arriving there had to leave after police arrived and all their mobile phones were confiscated. Later all data stored on these confiscated phones was deleted.

That alone shows that police tried to manipulate and to hide things.

Longest trial in German history Introduction and news

This introduction is MUST you can not screen the internet and books on this because the information to too contradictionary.

Below you see some points showing contradiction then you decide what you will believe or not . This blogger hated for this facts.

Three years ago some foreign journalists covered the trial of the national socialist underground. That is 3 people suspected and indicted to have killed 10 Turkish small business owners in several German cities since the year 2005.


Of this 3 people 2 are dead Beate Zschaepe is still alive and in the court room. The trial is now at day 300 a world Guiness Record.

From the very beginning this blogger did not believe a word of the indictment and then it became known to the public that the 2 dead suspects besides Beate Z. did not kill themselves but were killed propably by German police or secret service.

Foreigners do not understand anything already Germans do not understand what this 300 day trial is about.



When 2 of the 3 suspects died in the year 2011 they did not kill themselves as stated by ALL German media and the police.

The official version is that they were travelling in a mobile home in Germany and one killed the other then burned  the mobile home and then shot himself. Problem: The mobile home was completely burned pictures in the press everywhere but the weapon used for killing himself was shining like new no sign of any fire weapon in internet. The lungs of the chap who supposedly killed himself did not contain  any fire or smoke particles. So this chap was killed somewhere by police or secret service and then moved to the burning mobile home.



Strangely the top German news magazien Der Spiegel got ALL the information just within seconds after the mobile home was burning on a German highway. Problem: This explains that ALL German media the police the courts and government and the media knew about this secret operation and they kept reporting on this on ONE way that is the 3 persons killed all the 10 Turkish small businessmen in German since the year 2005.



There was not one direct evidence in a 300 day trial run by the federal attorney genernal at the regional higher court in Munich that proves that any of the 3 suspects committed any of the murders of the 10 Turks.



During the 300 days trial since the year 2012 it became obvious that the German secret service financed and controlled spies in  right wing political movements of which the 3 suspects were part. But one of this spies who was paid 200 000 DeutscheMarks suddenly died in the year 2014. Just 3 days before he was supposed to appear before a parliamentary commission on the NSU national socialist underground that is on the reason why the 10 Turks had to die.

His Code name was Corelli real name Thomas Richter. Problem: Obviously the establishment in media politics police and courts does not want to know the truth. The truth is that the 3 suspects have nothing to do with 10 dead Turks since the year 2005.



Mr Richter was in the German Army and there he met a chap who made it as a police officer and in the year 2007 this chap was the boss in the police where  Ms Kieswetter worked . She was killed whilst on duty in the year 2007 probably by the CIA the German secret service and the Turkish secret service or ALL of them in Heilbronn.

Again she was related to the 10 Turkish dead businessmen and another parliamentary commisson tried to investigate without any meaningful results.

This article will be enlarged and pictures addes and more logic but it is worth to see: Germany is TOTALLY controlled by secret service and German media and police cooperate. It is worse than in Hitler times.

FACTS are negotiable in Germany and NOTHING really NOTHING can be done against this.