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EUReferendum What are German NAZIlaws in 2016 ?

Less than 100 days left till the EUreferendum!

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I decided to keep it short.

EUReferendum What are German NAZIlaws in 2016 ?

All politicians and journalists call each other NAZI or talk of NAZIlaws all over the world. But this is different and remember


Those laws signed by Adolf Hitler whilst in power from 1933 till 1945 are REAL NAZIlaws and there are still a number applied today.


A  lot of dictatorial laws and other laws signed by Adolf Hitler are still applied in Germany because ALL Germans fool themselves or they are secret NAZIS the argument is as follows: All these laws during 1933 -1945 were signed by the then German NAZI puppet parliament called Reichstag and that is why there are ‚legally binding‘ .

Problem: A lot of parties were banned by Hitler and they were not members of the Reichstag hence the votes were not valid or void. But German politicians and university professor of law do not want to hear this.



BREXIT and German NAZIlaws

There can be no federal EU with Germany applying Hitler signed laws and with the real risk that such legal scrap gets into EU legislation.



EU Warrant of Arrest concerning extradition from UK to Germany.

The above points show Britain: As long as there are Hitler signed laws in place in Germany no British person should be extradited to Germany.



Continue reading on this blog and this category NAZIlaws Germany 2016 what kind of Hitler signed laws are still applied in 2016 in civil laws and criminal law and how it influences the chance to get a fair trial in case you as a Bristish person will be deported to Germany on an EU warrant of arrest.