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Mein Kampf Bavaria minister of justice Introduction

Today there is not enough time this is a short article. Hitler’s book and death manual Mein Kampf is sold free of any copyright conditions 70 years after Hitler’s death. Copyright was with the province of Bavaria. Germany and Bavaria as owners of copyrights prohibited publication till the year 2015. In foreign countries the book could be sold and bougt legally such as in the U.S. during those 70 years.

In Germany there was a discussion if free publication of Mein Kampf after ende of copyright is legal. Many Germans opposed publication and aksed for prohibition. Some wanted commentaries added that explain the Nazi crimes and Nazi philosophy of Mein Kampf. Finally, 40 000 copies were printed by the beginning of the year 2016 and are available for sale. This is done by an institute in Bavaria. Again this concerns only the book Mein Kampf in the German language and if sold in Germany.


During the first week of the year 2016 a world-wide discussion started whether Mein Kampf should be prohibited in Germany as it ws the case during the 70 years copyright period. Since the state of Bavaria held the copyright the minister of justice of Bavaria Mr Bausback is part of the discussion and of course because a Bavarian institute from Munich printed 40 000 copies.


This article aims to draw attention to the fact that whatever Mr Bausback says or said he is one of the most sophisticated Nazis in the after period. This blogger is personally discriminated by him because he lived 7 years in the electorate of Mr Bausback in the city of Aschaffenburg in Northern Bavaria. DUring those 7 years this blogger came across some well hidden secrets of Mr Bausback.


Mr Bausback owes his political career as a member of the Bavrian parliament to the toughest hardliner in the ruling Bavarian party CSU Christian Social Party. That is Mr. Norbert Geis who also has his electorate in Aschaffenburg in Northern Bavaria. He was the key member of the German federal parliament responsible for refusing rehabilitation of German soldiers deserting the army during world war II. And they were kept as criminals in the German criminal register untill well after the year 2000. Mr Bausback is the local political son of that Mr Geis who held the position of head of the committee of law of the federal German parliament untill a few years ago.


Approximately in the year 2013 just after Mr Bausback became Bavarian minister of justice some journalists woke up and were disturbed by the fact that the criminal code contains a law that was written by Hitlers vice minister of justice Mr.Freisler who was also the president of the then federal court called Volksgerichtshof in Leipzig. Mr.Freisler was the judge responsible for 2500 death penalties. Mostly innocent women or even minors who were denounced by their neighbours whilst saying something during wara time ended up with the death penalty given by Mr. Freisler himself. He died just during the last days of the war from a bomb attack in Leipzig otherwise he would have got the death penalty from the Allies after the ende of the war as a top German war criminal.

So what ? Mr. Bausback refused to change the wording of that article in the German criminal code that is purely based on that war criminal Mr. Freisler. 70 years after the ende of the war and Mr. Freisler as a top Nazi judge Mr. Bausback openly defends the wording of article 211 of the criminal code that is a word by word creation of Mr. Freisler.


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