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Bavaria interior minister minister likes Erdogan laws and procedures

Attacks Wuerzburg Muenchen just a good reason for fascist Bavarrian  regional government to ask for federal emergency laws.


If there is one thing you can sell your grand-mother for its the fact that Bavaria is always pushing for an Erdogan like political system.

So if he opportunity arises like on the occasion of attacks in Wuerzburg or Muenchen be sure interirior minister Herrmann and his prime minister Seehofer want unlimtited telephone surveillance, reduced rights in courts and of course tougher laws.

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By the way he calls himself a deputy in a fake nazi regional countrz called Bavaria. Tell him about this web site and what NAZI Bavaria is really about

Abgeordnete(r) Herrmann, Joachim | Bayerischer Landtag


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You can be sure that the `Bavarian way of life` is NOT the British or French way of life. Its a NAZI culture and there a no courts that derserve that name in Bavaria.

Just drop him an email with this Adress webssite bayern-grundrechte.de He knows what it means to be supervised by this site.