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Education of a notorious useless West-German, say your opinion and be chased by German and US CIA, government and criminals paid by them. PART I bio


  1. Education of a notorious useless West-German, say your opinion and be chased by German and US CIA, government and criminals paid by them.
  2. Be a little successful and draw the full hate of ALL Germans.
  3. The end of Cold War ending up in Russia helpimg Russia my death penalty from the West.
  4. Systematic destruction of a West German after he returned to the FourthReich after 10 years abroad mostly in Russia and opposing NATO in Poland. As a revenge 3 attacks with injuries in Saxony instigated by the German government and secret servive and police there. Then charged by nazi judges in Dresden who arrived there from Bavaria after unification.
  5. Moving from East Germany Dresden to West Germany Bavaria makes no difference another government instigated attack with serious injuries, blogging on my story, later on German nazi laws still applied today, later blogging to prevent such laws to become EU and UK laws the case for BREXIT.———————————————
  1. A person with two degrees at the age of 24 in Germany is not the most stupid and knowing 6 languages means the days are not only spent with fun, beer, movies and and and. But the German average Joe and German judges and civil servants want you to suffer and they do not want to hear your achievements they point to your deficencies and if there are none or no serious ones then the nazi stasi crowd invents some. The CIA and US psychologist and other so called helpers are doing just the same especially with such Westeners like this one who speaks Russian and worked in Russia and opposed NATO enlargement to Poland later to Rumania, Baltics and now Ukraine.
  2. After university I spent 2 years working for good money outside West Germany at the age of 24 which was already a shock for most German students and university professors. Most graduated after their 28th birthday. German envy does not forgive that, success is only for oneself not for others.
  3. Then the end of the Cold War arrived in 1990 and the unifaction of Germany I was not happy about that unifcation some of my German colleagues working with me abroad even flew to Berlin for the party, I could not believe it. One was a real Einstein. But I was young and my natural aversion to German culture to the rules- for-nothing-culture kept me from getting too enthusastic on that ‘unification’.

After I got contacts with Anglophone university professors I also felt somewhat strange about the cold German professors.

So 3 years after graduation I ended up in Russia. This was more by accident because the two years after university I earned a good sum of money and decided to get to East Germany one year after unification for a while. But it did not last long. The East German and South German bosses in the bank in Dresden ensured I do not feel at home. The insults and the German way of doing things like in war movies or comedies about Germany well I left learned Russian in Eastern Europe for two months and was off and in Russia. Each day I heard the phrase ‘do not tell about your foreign experinece we are in Germany and it is done the German way’. At the age of 27 I even had to call the young secretaries by family name on the order of the bank’s bosses. Of course the East Germans hated me even more firstly an open minded chap arrived in Dresden after unification and talked like an American or British and then that chap even studied the language of the enemy who was just thrown out of the country e.g. Russian and the Russian just left East Germany in the year 1990.

So I was on the RED LIST of ALL EAST Germans and of the West German fascist elite.

4. After more than 10 years abroad I returned permanently to Germany and I forgot the evilness of all these nazi Germans especially in Dresden. The city where the first public burning of books happend by the way by students and university professors. If I knew this fact before I had left Dresden for ever and never gone there.

Once registered in the FourthReich the trap was built to revenge for having learned Russian for working in Russia after the end of Cold War and helping them and for opposing NATO enlargement to Poland and other countries. On NATO to Poland I chatted with the same guys in the unified German embassy I chatted for 10 years whilst in Russia, wrote to the largest German newspapers about it before the age of emails and web and visited some federal MPs of the German parliament. I was not even aware at the time that I chatted with the top NAZI e.g. MP Steinbach and top later Angela Hitler supporter. There you go if you do something like that it’s your death penalty and Snowden is child’s play. But I thought I live in a free country or I come from the free West. Also calling up German journalists on NATO enlargement at the time many years before Romania and Ukraine were in the news on NATO. Again before the age of official Presstitudes I was not aware that the large German paper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung is a not only a fake newspaper but also a 100% Russian-hater and a nazi-paper that existed already in Hitler times.

I was attacked 3 times in Dresden and Saxony after I spent 10 years abroad mostly in Russia. This was instigated by the government, the German secret service, East Germans and Bavarians. Later I was charged with invented stuff like insults and threats no evidence ever existed. In the year 2004 when this started the Jesuit colledge educated fake-Hugenot current German minister of interior deMaiziere was minister of justice in Saxony.

That is how it was from the year 2001 till 2008 and my status as a victim of violent crimes with injuries was ignored by all Germans, all provincial members of parliament and local and national media and newspapers, courts, police in Saxony and Federal.

5. In the year 2008 I left Dresden for West Germany and ended up in Northern Bavaria 30 km from Frankfurt but still in the province of Bavaria.

There I wanted compensation for all the government insults but the Bavarian nazi system only refused year after year till the year 2015 when I left Bavaria for another province in Germany next to the French border.

Besides refusing to pay a dime for the invented charges against me during 8 years, Bavaria sent two criminals to beat me up and injure me seriously at the entrance of my former house in the garden. I noted the car number plate number. Despite of this neither the prosecutor nor higher courts in Bavaria even started an investgation despite of medical documents showing my serious injuries. Bavarian MP got a copy of this NO action.

So I knew the government mafia from Bavaria wants to kill me and they almost got what they wanted. Just by chance I survived that and I was not handicapped from this last attack in the year 2015.

Because of all this fuss with the courts and police I know the laws as a victim and as a charged person. The requests for compensation also required me to know the laws. So I am like a German lawyer from the point of view of knowledge. After several years reading the laws and writing all kind of requests I also learned about nazi laws from Hitler times still applied by all German courts and government offices.

Of course they hate me even more.

As a blogger I wasted years to get other Germans to be interested in this nazi laws and in my story as a victim of 4 violent crimes with injuries. Then I started to write in English mostly on my own blog domain http://www.Bayern-Grundrechte.de. Also this is a worldwide issue: Details on law are of no interest to the general public just lawyers judges law educated folks are interested in this.

So at least when Brexit time arrived in summer 2016, I participated with my twitterblog twitter/bavariawatch in order to prevent German nazi laws becoming EU law and thus UK law and for other reasons.

This bio will be enlarged step by step.

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