VW financial impact NYT: Volkswagen Debacle on Financial Par With BP Oil Spill SEPT. 22, 2015


This is a very short summary of what VW has to pay and how it does not really bother. Financial stability is not much affected. More links will be added on this blog on the financial impact of dieselgate and other scandals on VW and AUDI


Haderthauer verliert Immunitaet und ihr Ehemann steht ab Dez vor Gericht

Auch wenn hier mal eine Nachricht aus Nazibayern kommt wie lange hat es denn gedauert ? “ Jahre ab dem Mollath Skandal in 2012

Und sie bekommt einen Strafbefehl ueber 2700 Euro ohne Gerichtsverhandlung also bei  1 Mio Euro die im Raum standen als nicht versteuertes Einkommen was soll das soll man soll das alles erst wieder nachrechnen widerliches Bayern

Ihr Mann wird also dann auch so billig davonkommen es ist widerlich und Bayern war und wird nie ein Rechtsstaat und wird  auch nie einer werden,

Volkswagen Emissions Scandal: Australian Firm Files $72M Lawsuit; Audi Says US Sales Undiminished

Volkswagen Emissions Scandal: Australian Firm Files $72M Lawsuit; Audi Says US Sales Undiminished

By Suman Varandani @suman09 s.varandani@ibtimes.com on November 19 2015 12:56 AM EST

In this aerial photo, the Volkswagen logo adorns the top of an administrative building that is currently under renovation at the Volkswagen factory, Nov. 12, 2015, in Wolfsburg, Germany. Getty Images/Sean Gallup

via Volkswagen Emissions Scandal: Australian Firm Files $72M Lawsuit; Audi Says US Sales Undiminished.

Luxembourg: Collaborating with the Nazis in WWII No 1 Introduction: Current open discussion on Nazi History and coooperation of the Luxembourg population

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Opportunstic behaviour of 300 000 Luxembourg citoyens ?? YES

Currently there is a public discussion going on in Luxembourg on the true scope of cooperation with the German nazis during the war whilst Luxembourg was occupied.

Let us see some important facts


The population speaks a German dialect at home and writes in pure German, French is known but not used at home.  Do you believe that this is a sign of independence from German culture ?


Due to this German language usage the nazis tried to consider Luxembourg as their home territory. And the numbers show this. The core nazi organisation was therefore the VdB which is the Volksdeutsche Bewegung or movement of original Germans. In the year 1941  a total of 71 000 citoyens where a member out of a total population of 300 000 – so what?  they are true resistance ??  Do not believe it ?


Even though only 2800 men and 2200 women were members of the German nazi party NSDAP the 71000 members of the VdB show that Luxembourg was much deeper  involved in the nazi culture than they like to admit until today. But this conclusion you can not find among journalists from Luxembourg in the current nazi history discussion in the year 2015. Why, because they are opportunists during the war and after and now always benefitting from the times. Always on the right side of the ruling powers. That is what Germans are and Luxembourg citoyens is Geman because they all speak German at home apart from the Italians and Portuguese who arrived after the war.



The fact that the boss of the VdB Mr Kratzenberg was executed after the war on Oct 11th, 1946 does not change the picture that Luxembourg and its citoyens behave purely opportunistic.


The fact that a country with only 300 000 inhabitants was subject to 9500 files and 6900 trials and investigations on war criminals after WW II shows how deeply invloved the German dialect speaking citoyens of Luxembourg really was.


Due their love for their German dialect all schoolchildren were obliged to be members of the HitlerJugend this is the German nazi youth organisation  for boys. A total of 10000 young boys and and 7800  girls who were members in Bund deutscher Maedchen youth organistaion for girls.


Conclusion: Let’s face it Luxembourg people like Germany and they likesGerman language and their attempts to distinguish themselves as unique are fake and useless. They all speak a German dialect at home and they all learn pure German in school for writing


Read more on their opportunistic ways and their way of living the life of a true citoyens on this blog under the heading: http://bayern-grundrechte.de/category/luxembourg-collaborating-with-the-nazis-in-wwii/

Twitter/AUDIscandal please read and comment and subscribe

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This blogger opened an additional twitter account besides twitter/bavariawatch. Twitter/AUDIscandal shows the nazi history of AUDI and it aims at a bocott of AUDI cars from Bavaria.


This account was opened only a few days ago.  AUDI blogs were not visited before that, neither twitter AUDI account.

It is surprising to see that there is not much on boycott and therefore the twitter account of this blogger bavariawatch7bayern-grundrechte.de will try to contribute as much as possible to AUDI boycott.


This blogger would be very happy to get feed back from AUDI critics and other people either through email or through messages via twitter


Thank you
Stefan Kellmer observer of nazi Bavaria

This is the link of this blog on AUDIscandal http://bayern-grundrechte.de/category/audi-ingolstadtbavaria/

AUDIscandal No1


This is the link of this blog on AUDIscandal http://bayern-grundrechte.de/category/audi-ingolstadtbavaria/

This is the first article on AUDI of this blog


1. Conclusion Ingolstadt is and was a Bavarian city using forced labor in nazi times and today.

2. AUDI used massive forced-labor in Third Reich and is responsible for thousands of deaths due to that

3. Bavaria and the government under prosecutor investiation for using forced-labor in the last years minister fired and under prosecutur investigation



Conclusion Ingolstadt is and was a Bavarian city using forced labor in nazi times and today.


Let’s start with the conclusion: Ingolstadt in Bavaria is home of AUDI which was among the top German companies using forced labor in the Third Reich and responsible for thousands of deaths. This was hidden from the media until the year 2014.

It is also the electorate of the current prime-minister and his fired minister of social affairs who also used forced labor but after the war. She benefitted with her husband Hurbert a court doctor from exploiting prisoners under her control as minister. Both are under prosecutor inestigation and await trail.

So Bavaria and Ingolstadt have not learned anything from the past continue as in Third Reich even though in a different manner. Mr Seehofer Bavaria’s prime-minister protected Ms Haderthauer as long as possible. That is the evidence that this ruling party CSU is as corrupt as one can imagine. The CSU is a conservative sister party of the Merkel’s CDU which does not operate in Bavaria and vice versa.

Please read more on this in coming articles.

2. UDI used massive forced-labor in Third Reich and is responsible for thousands of deaths due to that

Audi was directly responsible for at 4500 deaths due to concentration camp and labor camp workers working in Auto Union car factories which was the former name of Audi. In Audi headquarters in Ingolstadt Bavria the massive use of tens of thousands of such forced labor workers was actively hidden in the company history until the year 2014.

The fact that this was possible has a lot to do with the indifference, comformism or even secret nazi support of West-German journalists.

More will be shown on this site on this in the future

3. Bavaria and the government under prosecutor investiation for using forced-labor in the last years minister fired and under prosecutur investigation


Currently, Ingolstadt is the electorate of the Bavarian prime-minister Seehofer and his former minister of social affairs Ms Haderthauer. She was fired and is under presecutor investigation awaiting an indictment for privately benefitting from exploiting German prisoners in prisons under her control as a minister.

Her husband Hubert who also benefitted is a court de doctor and he benefitted as well.

A summary of this story can be found on the site which is run by the same blogger who also runs the twitter accounts bavariawatch and AUDIscandal




This is the link of this blog on AUDIscandal http://bayern-grundrechte.de/category/audi-ingolstadtbavaria/

Niesbach resigned German football scandal and FC Bayern No 2

The boss of the German football association DFB Niesbach resigned due to the scandal of corrupt dealings in order to buy votes for the world championship in the year 2006. FIFA’s role is very strange in this affair and Bavarian-German Franz Beckenbauer was involved in a 7 Million Euro secret payment involving FIFA and Mr Dreyfuss from France who died in the year 2009.

This blog is about nazi Bavaria and corrupt courts and politicians in Nazi Bavaria and it is no surprise that a Bavarian that is Franz Beckenbauer is involved.The resignation of DFB boss Niesbach must be seen in this light there is nothing in Germany and Bavaria that is uncovered by German press because the press and almost all journalists are part of the German system as in the case of Volkswagen but also in the case of corrupt German and Bavarain judges,

That is why this blog will continue reporting on this football affaire.

Below you can see the content of Wikipedia on Mr Niesbach which is NOTHING considering his popular and exposed poistion as German football federation boss.

It is important to note that he was trained and worked as a journalist and that is already the problem as a German journalist nothing but really nothing is analysed and uncovered as long as some money is at risk for Germany, And that is precisely the problem with Wikipedia it does not even notice this problem,

German journalists and newpaper owners and state television and state radio ar part of the corrupt German Corporation as one can see in the case of Volkswagen that scandal was only uncovered by Americans and not even journalists,

Keep on reading under the blog-category http://bayern-grundrechte.de/category/german-football-scandal-and-fc-bayern/

Wolfgang Niersbach

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wolfgang Niersbach (2014).

Wolfgang Niersbach (born 30 November 1950 in Rommerskirchen) is a German sports journalists and sports official. From 2007 to 2012 he was general secretary of the DFB. On 2 March 2012 Niersbach was elected as the new president of the German Football Association.[1] He resigned his postion on 9 November 2015 as president, due to his involvement in the 2006 Fifa World Cup hoax bribery affair.[2]


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Presidents of the German Football Association (DFB)



Members of the FIFA Executive Committee


Authority control

Wolfgang Niersbach

Wolfgang Niersbach, 2014

Wolfgang Niersbach (* 30. November 1950 in Nettesheim) ist ein deutscher Journalist und Sportfunktionär. Vom 2. März 2012 bis 9. November 2015 war er Präsident des Deutschen Fußball-Bundes.[1]


Wolfgang Niersbach (ganz rechts) mit dem damaligen DFB-ChefHermann Neuberger (1990)

Niersbach begann 1973 als Volontär bei der Nachrichtenagentur Sport-Informations-Dienst und berichtete dort bis 1988 als Redakteur in den Fachgebieten Fußball und Eishockey von zahlreichen Welt- und Europameisterschaften sowie Olympischen Spielen. Nebenher gestaltete er als verantwortlicher Redakteur elf Jahre lang die Stadionzeitung von Fortuna DüsseldorfFortuna aktuell und vier Jahre lang die Stadionzeitung der Düsseldorfer EG. Als Pressechef der Fußball-Europameisterschaft 1988 in Deutschland sammelte Niersbach erste Erfahrungen in der Organisation von Medienarbeit, die er im Anschluss daran als Pressereferent und Mediendirektor des Deutschen Fußball-Bundes umsetzte. Sein Nachfolger als Direktor für Kommunikation beim Deutschen Fußball-Bund wurde 2001 Harald Stenger. Anschließend war Niersbach geschäftsführender Vizepräsident und Pressechef des Organisationskomitees der Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft 2006. Am 15. September 2006 wurde er als Nachfolger von Bernd Pfaff erneut Direktor beim Deutschen Fußball-Bund. Er arbeitete in dieser Position eng mit Nationalmannschafts-Manager Oliver Bierhoff und SportdirektorMatthias Sammer zusammen. Auf dem DFB-Bundestag in Mainz am 26. Oktober 2007 wurde Niersbach als Nachfolger vonHorst R. Schmidt zum neuen DFB-Generalsekretär berufen. Er war damit der höchste hauptamtliche Mitarbeiter des Deutschen Fußball-Bundes. Nach einer DFB-Präsidiumssitzung am 7. Dezember 2011 in Frankfurt am Main wurde bekannt gegeben, dass Niersbach zur Wahl als neuer DFB-Präsident bereitstehe. Der vorherige Präsident Theo Zwanziger beendete seine Amtszeit im März 2012. Am 2. März 2012 wurde Niersbach einstimmig zum neuen DFB-Präsidenten gewählt. Sein Nachfolger als Generalsekretär wurde Helmut Sandrock. Im Januar 2013 unterzeichnete er als DFB-Präsident die Erklärung der 53 europäischen Fifa-Mitgliedsverbände zur Reform der Fifa-Statuten, in der Integritätsprüfungen für Mitglieder des Fifa-Exekutivkomitees und eine zeitliche Begrenzung der Mitgliedschaft abgelehnt wurden.[2] Am 24. Mai 2013 wurde er in das UEFA-Exekutivkomitee[3] und am 24. März 2015 in das FIFA-Exekutivkomitee gewählt.[4]Am 9. November 2015 trat er als DFB-Präsident zurück.


1994 wies Niersbach als DFB-Mediendirektor die Kritik US-amerikanischer Medien an einem geplanten Länderspiel am 20. April (Geburtstag Adolf Hitlers) zurück und begründete sie so: „80 Prozent der amerikanischen Presse sind in jüdischer Hand“.[5][6] Niersbachs Vorgänger Zwanziger bezweifelt die Rechtmäßigkeit von Niersbachs Betriebsrente und initiierte eine Untersuchung durch die FIFA-Ethikkommission. Die Betriebsrente stand ihm im Alter von 65 Jahren oder bei einem Ausscheiden aus den Diensten des DFB zu. Die Wahl zum Präsidenten wurde als Ausscheiden bewertet.[7]


Niersbach ist geschieden und hat zwei erwachsene Töchter. Ende 2014 gab er bekannt, dass er mit einer 23 Jahre jüngeren Frau aus München liiert ist.



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  • 100 Jahre DFB – Die Geschichte des Deutschen Fussball-Bundes. Sportverlag, Berlin 1999, ISBN 3-328-00850-0.


 Commons: Wolfgang Niersbach – Sammlung von Bildern, Videos und Audiodateien


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Präsidenten des Deutschen Fußball-Bundes


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